Mark TwainMark Twain, [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910) American author and humorist

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“There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.”

Mark TwainMark Twain
~ Mark Twain

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Congress are the best paid, most powerful and most successful crooks known to man.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Crooked politians are nothing unique...

E Archer, NYC

Don't forget Congress' bankers -- their true lords.


As the Brits say: "Spot On!"

Mike, Norwalk

and to round out the thought, don't forget the judges and the executive.

Jack, Green, OH

A little too clever, even for satire. I can think of a few Americns at least as distinctly criminal as Congress. What about CEOs who lay off thousands of employees or cut their benefits, claiming the company will go bankrupt, then bail out with hundred million dollar golden parachutes?

Ken, Allyn, WA

Congress can't be a criminal class. They'll always pass the laws that ensure they're not.

jim k, Austin,Tx

As usual, Twain was right and it's only gotten worse since his time. Something is definitely amiss in this country when people will elect the likes of Reid ,Obama, Pelosi, Barney Franks, Boxer, Obama, and most of the rest. Maybe it's some sort of mass voter insanity. Maybe the Republicans weren't inside robbing the bank, but they were certainly outside waiting in the get-away car.

J Carlton, Calgary

Our entire banking and tax system is nothing more complex than the averaged ponzi just have to see it for what it is. And I guarantee that Congress knows what it is...

Johann Hollar, St. Paul

Twain could not be anymore right. As I have always said, the real criminals are the ones in power.

MIke, Norwalk

A related side note; there is no constitutional provision authorizing 'federal crimes' legislation, enforcement or otherwise that are now so inflicting the individual sovereign of We The People.

jr, kw
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    jr, kw    12/28/10

    Tell me! Are term limits possible on all elected officials? It would be a start.

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    Duly noted, but we change these proceedings, and Congressional procedures.


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