Martin LutherMartin Luther, (1483-1546) German professor of theology, composer, priest, monk, seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation

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“Peace if possible, but truth at any rate.”

Martin LutherMartin Luther
~ Martin Luther

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Robert, Sarasota

From this government that is unlikely

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Would that another such reformer would step forward again...

Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Good ole' Martin - pragmatic as always.

Anonymous, Portland

An honest statement.

Mike, Norwalk

and, if not truth, at least an unbiased attempt at accurate facts.

E Archer, NYC

Ultimately they go hand in hand.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

To those who are not receptive to the Truth, its communication is always a matter of controversy.

Ronw13, ID
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Ronw13, ID    3/2/23

The amazing journey of exposing corruption and bias within the roman catholic religious belief system. Bringing to light the doctrines of Grace, Liberty and Freedom from one of the, if not the most indoctrinating of socialistic/communistic oppressive systems on planet earth. 

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Abby    3/2/23

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