Baron Nathan Mayer RothschildBaron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, (1777-1836) London financier, one of the founders of the international Rothschild banking dynasty

Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild Quote

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, ...The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.”

Baron Nathan Mayer RothschildBaron Nathan Mayer Rothschild
~ Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

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Mike, Norwalk

The same could be said about the puppet on the theocratic throne of the U.S. The crowned puppet(s) of the U.S. love assisting the puppeteers in enslaving all.

E Archer, NYC

The Rothschilds are now worth over 100 TRILLION dollars. But it is hard to say when someone actually OWNS nearly all the currency of every nation -- and holds their debt. The Rockefellers are worth about 10 trillion. These amounts are unfathomable by most. The object is control, and ever the noose grows tighter as they chip away at our republican foundations. Nothing short of revolution can free us from these thieves who lay claim to our land, property, labors, and our very lives. It starts with saying 'no' to funny money (credit, er, I mean, debt) and saying 'no' to every encroachment of our liberties. This is the war, and the battleground is you, me, and every person on the planet.

John, Los Angeles
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John, Los Angeles E Archer, NYC 10/13/22

Can you provide sources or links to your claim. It would be helpful to me. Thank you.

tony schwarz, pylesville

I've read (without further research) that of the last 18 rothschilds marrriages, sixteen were to first cousins. If true, kinda gives a whole new meaning to the bloodline thingy,...

Dougmcr8, Springfield, VA

The categories our Canadian friends chose for this group of 3 "Liberty" quotes should read Jealousy, Class Warfare, Envy, and Whining.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Interesting story concerning Nathan Rothschild. His network of information traveled faster than did the government's, which gave him one day pre-advanced knowledge to the outcome of Napoleon's Waterloo. Eyes turned to him as the stock market opened the day after Waterloo. Everyone looked to him as the information giver to the outcome of the battle: Should Napoleon have won, the stocks would drop -- if the English won, then the stock market would be secure. As he took his seat over-looking the stock market, his only word was "sell". This supposedly informed all the stock traders that the war had been lost and that everyone should get out while they still could. We know, however, that Napoleon lost Waterloo and that England's interest were secure; however, after the vast majority of stocks had been sold that morning, Nathan Rothschild then stood up and told his representatives to then buy back everything that had been sold that day for scraps of what the going rate was earlier that morning. Because he received the information concerning Waterloo merely one day before the government, Nathan Rothschild was able to purchase the vast majority of England's stocks. This wasn't the only time something like this has happened; things like this have been going on for the last 200 years.

Seatco, Boulder

And to see just how true this quote of Rothschild was research what happened when Hitler caught a Rothschild by accident while taking over Austria. Hitler and his Nazis had been verbally attacking international bankers - ROTHSCHILDS - for many years prior. But when the Gestapo caught a Rothschild in Austria and stuck him in a cell, the first thing Himmler did when he came to see him was order a bed, better toilet, tables and other comforts be provided to him. Then after selling him back to the Rothschilds for CHUMP CHANGE ($5 million) they allowed him to go! Well they couldn't allow this MASTER ENEMY to go for nothing (though 5 million really was - they would not have allowed Churchill to go for that) as that would have woke up their followers as to whom Hitler was really working for. There is a Time Magazine article from 1939 about it all. Talk about puppets.

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RobertSRQ    2/18/08

Indeed! Today the world is full of "Puppet's" Do I hear the drums of July 14, 1789

warren, olathe

True but so what. Money runs the world. Every idea that has been tried to change that has gone to ruin. Get over it.

WRE, Barre
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WRE, Barre warren, olathe 10/16/21

Now...that... is just stupid!!!
If you were diagnosed with cancer would you accept ... "So what? Everybody dies... get over it!!"???

Cris, São Paulo

With the control of central banks of the whole world the Rothschilds (Bauer is the real name) built the Estate of Israel, the lead balloon.

rpwarrior, slaveville

The Bilderberg Society is the most secretive of the three main organizations set up to bring about a One World Government, with the other two being the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission. "The Trilateral Commission doesn't run the world, the Council on Foreign Relations does that!" Winston Lord, Assistant Secretary of State, the U. S. State Department Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy by Murray N. Rothbard We Texans DO NOT WANT THE Trans Texas Corridor. You can take your NAU and SPP deals and shove it up your rear end or better yet up CFR David Rockefeller and Nathan Rothschild's rear end. As his Father and Grandfather, President Bush is a TRAITOR and in violation of the Logan Act. We Texans want nothing to do with any of Bush's hidden agenda and secret societies. We will fight your NWO efforts because you bring chains to our FREEDOM. Ron Paul is NOT a CFR member, the others are. RON PAUL 2008

mam, pt pleasant

Instead of taxing income, lets tax wealth.

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    Anonymous    8/26/08

    Anyone able to provide a source for this quotation? Not meaning to discredit anyone, but really the sources are important when coming up to conclusions with this kind of quotes..

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    Anonymous    12/8/08

    @seatco: The Rothschild was captured before the outbreak of world war 2 when Germany still wanted to avoid war. Watch the nazi propaganda films 'Die Rothschilds Atkien auf Waterloo' (The Rothschilds Shares in Waterloo) and 'Der Ewige Jude' (The Eternal Jew) to get a clear view of the nazi attitude towards the rothschilds/warburgs etc. "If these International Jewish Financiers should once again succeed in plunging the nations into a word war, the result will not be the bolshevisation of the world, and therefore a victory of jewry. But the destruction of the jewish race in europe" (In a speech to the Reichstag after the Ewige Jude Jan 30, 1939) Hitler was certainly no Rothschild puppet, on the contrary, he was the biggest threat they have ever encountered.

    deanna, ga
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      deanna, ga    1/6/09

      well for sure bush is no jew and all jews are not nvolved with this such as we ie americans are not all involved in this mess ,bauer aka rothschild after someone has to take the blame but just do not blame all the jews some are as ignorant of this stuff as americans and they only way is to let them know too .

      Antonioni, Tarrytown
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      Antonioni, Tarrytown deanna, ga 6/8/24

      maybe no but he is most likely a zionist. no rational person blames "all" the jews. They are fractured split between religious and atheists. @ 100k were in hitlers reichstag govt. and military so he also did not hate all.  This is propaganda used to establish Israel.

      ChrispyT, Picnic Point

      FIAT money = usury = debt as money = slavery. The central banks are the enemies of the advancement of humanity. Please, EVERYONE, learn about and start asserting your sovereignty. Take responsibility for your own future. And for the future of your children and future descendants.

      Tony P, WillInBoro

      That's kind of really f#cked up, that's all I can muster to say

      George Hunt, Boulder Colorado

      The Rothschilds have a goal and that is World Domination. They are cunning creatures and are ready to launch the Big Bad Bank on the world's population. It's set up for the very rich. Search for Big Bad Bank and see what I mean. Thanks! George, Boulder

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        Anonymous    5/8/09

        the rothchilds are the top stockholders of the federal reserve which is a private bank that controls the usa money supply. the rothchilds have been controlling us ever since that dickhead woodow wilson was elected with support of the rockefellers, jp. morgan, and the rothchilds and signed the federal reserve act. the federal reserve act is an illegal and treasonous law that was written by bankers.

        Mike, UK
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        Mike, UK    8/27/09

        Google "Benjamin Freedman Speech" and make sure you're sitting down!

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          Anonymous    10/7/09

          Anonymous, California

          I think that this is even worse han 1984. Orwell failed, he predicted a fictional utopia compared to that non-fictional reality.

          beth, south carolina

          this is al ltrue how sad

          bodica, New York

          1. Bankrupt Britain. 2. Set gold mark at lowest price 3. Persuade Chancellor Brown to sell off Britain's gold 4. Buy it out at bargain basement prices 5. Rent Britain's armies as mercenaries 6. Send them abroad, leaving Britain defenseless 7. Force Britain to take in hostile, alien colonies and kowtow to hostile laws and traditions 8. Take over Britain's ports 9. Take over Britain's air defenses and frequencies (thanks for that bad news, Shropshire lad!) 10. Take over Britain's assets and move them to French control. 11.Drive the indigenous British out 12.Take over Britain using force, if necessary, using the willing, homicidal cult. Execute the traitors who sold their country to you - if they sell their "own" they'll sell everyone else. rothschild and american history Also Who are the rothschilds Also Rots vs people econs Rot econs 101 Obama deception Also

          Jack, Ohio
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            Jack, Ohio    7/19/10

            Sources please. Otherwise this quote is pure bs. Btw, Rothschild didn't buy stocks after Waterloo, he bought bonds, and he bought them over a period of 6 months - not the next day. My source? Nial Ferguson's "The Ascent of Money".

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              Anonymous    8/31/10

              Jack Ohio, where did Nial Ferguson get his source? And don't stop on details, everyone here got the picture.

              John, Deerfield Fl

              For those of you who say money runs the world so what. Guess who is one of the owners of US Federal Reserve? Rothschild family, Rockefellers are through daughters and marriage. Man who was incharge Jacob Schiff, you guessed it married into the family. Al Gore's older daughter married one of his sons Andrew Schiff. Many families are relatives Asto, Collins duPont, Rockefeller, Sassoon Freemans, Kennedys oh horrors Morgans JP and family Oppenheimer, Taft and many more all thru daughters or cousins female. Guess who owns the Media ABC CBS NBC NY TIMES News Week Times magazine andmany more of their PRIVATE OWED MEDIA. Many books you can read on this subject.

              Sabine K McNeill, London - UK

              I hadn't come across that explicit quote before. WELL DONE for putting it up for comments!!! Sabine

              R Walker, Franklin

              You people are totally nuts. The Federal Reserve can't make congress go in debt. We the people do that, wanting free meds, free retirement. We want services and no taxes. The enemy is us.

              drew, new brighton

              A lot of "Jews" are fake. The Synagogue of Satan. A lot of nonJews are related to those that do say they are Jews and are not.

              John, West Chester

              Sounds like pure anti-semitic propaganda without really good authentication which I have seen none of. Those who have unusual financial power or a world class business plan: KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT AND THEIR PROPERTIES CONFIDENTIAL. The big talkers are little shots where it counts.

              Antonioni, Tarrytown
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              Antonioni, Tarrytown John, West Chester 6/8/24

              well askanazi jews aren't semitic they originate from Eastern Europe but they do like to brandish pejorative's like anti-semitic whenever they are challenged.

              Anonymous, John, Scotland

              @ Jack, Ohio, This came from an article in the UK Independant newspaper 2004 "Victor Rothschild, third baron and former chairman of the London bank, N M Rothschild, always maintained that Nathan had made a killing by encouraging rumours that Wellington had lost when he knew he had won, though the historian Niall Ferguson in his magisterial history of the family recently disputed that." Now why would Niall Ferguson dispute that when the information supposedly came from a Rothschild?

              Mik, Kalamazoo, MI

              I've read something similar this quote in the past where he commented "Give me control over a nation's money supply and I care not who makes it's laws." - Nathan Rothschild Also, it's noted above that the Rothschild's are worth $100 trillion, which is also what I've read. To put it into perspective as to how much power the Rothschild name really bares, it should be noted that the Rockefeller family (as wealthy as we think they are, but far wealthier than most people realize) are valued at a distant second at $10 trillion. Also, what is happening to the United States today is no accident. People like those in The Bilderberg Group have it dead-set in their minds that if they're ever going to have One World Government, the United States has to fail and so does the dollar. They've dumbed-down younger generations with the use of psychotropic medicine (Prozac, Zoloft, Abilify, Seroquel, and on and on). The effect these drugs have on the individual aren't much different from what the Nazi's were looking for when they started fluoridating the water supply at all of their concentration camps, because fluoride, which is what makes up the wonder drug "Prozac." It's been said that "if somebody is on Prozac for a year or more, that person will never be the same person again." Fluoride or any of these psychotropic drugs, have the effect of placating them or pacifying them so they can tolerate and even accept an existence, as miserable as it may be. More and more of our youth today (more than ever) are being put on these meds so that they'll be more willing (and future generations to follow) to just roll-over and listen to the commands of Big Brother and they're far less likely, (less enthusiastic as a result of the drug,.. about everything.. they become "numb" in a sense) to protest the government in any way because these drugs take away desire and motivation and other human instincts that are hard-wired into us, and masks them. Oh, what a wonderful world it will be when the slave-masters have all of the control, their world population figures of 500,000,000 (that's 500 million on the entire face of the planet) will never be exceeded. Pure bliss. One last quote to fill all of you with hope, comes a quote from that idiot married to the Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, whom both believe their blood is superior to that of any normal human being. I'm paraphrasing "Man as a creature is lower than the cow. Just look what happens when we starve them. They'll eat their own dead." Beautiful, huh? That's the mindset of most of these idiots who want to rule the entire planet, which they do already, it's just not as need and orderly as they would like it to be. They haven't reach the point to where it ticks like a watch, which is exactly what they're aiming for.

              Bob, Nashville
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              Bob, Nashville Mik, Kalamazoo, MI 12/6/18

              Fluoride has been in our water for decades. If fluoride does to the human body you say it does why are you on this site commenting? You should be sitting in a garbage heap happy with about 300mill other US citizens. We would not even have a standing army because who would care. 

              Liah, Warwick
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              Liah, Warwick Bob, Nashville 10/28/22

              We don't have a standing army. We have millions of fake migrants invading on the southern border, (mostly men of fighting age) and our military is guarding Israel, and poppy-seed farms for big pharma. Our military would sooner be used on its own people then protect its own borders, and the every one reads this post will know it. You should think deeper. Not everything is as it seems. 

              Mik, Kalamazoo, MI

              Another note. If you want to read an excellent book about the cabal that took over the U.S. money supply on a trip by train to Jeckyll Island, you can read "The Creature from Jeckyll Island." I'm not positive on the author's name and I'm not going to guess. If you want to read of the war crimes of the the two President's Grandfather, and Great Grandfather Prescott Bush, you can read "Family of Secrets," by Russ Baker. They, I believe, are the most crooked family in politics today... and there are some really crooked people in Washington D.C. Anyway, both of these books are very informative if you want to read up on these types of things.

              Mik, Kalamazoo, MI

              Oh, the war crime for which Prescott Bush was guilty? Well, the Bush's money comes from banking and oil, and well, Prescott Bush, he was the Nazi's banker. No big thing.

              Wesman Todd Shaw, Kaufman, Texas

              Satanist. They'll get their global government, but it's not going to be pretty, and it's going to fall.

              Graham Jukes, Kidderminster (U.K.)

              The Rothschilds have totally f*****d this World up! They're not human! Just deranged Reptiles! But worst of all, are all those " Brown-Nosed" Traitors we all vote into Office, who then jump to The Rothschild's tune and bleed us all dry until we all squeek! I pray their conscience eventually kills them like a cancer!

              Byron, Fort Collins

              They have no conscience.

              Byron, Fort Collins

              These Shylocks and their Boston Brahmin counterparts are, in reality, deeply fearful. Knowing only about money, power, control, and manipulating others, they nonetheless live in daily fear of another Gandhi. One brave, clear-minded man who has met with himself and who remains firm in his love of God and his native land will make these creatures lose all composure and want to kill. Another man like Gandhi is what these maggots fear most.

              J Carlton, Calgary

              Mike UK. I did google Freedman. As a student of military history, the first 15 minutes alone were astounding. I have more research to do...

              J Parker, Biloxi

              I have been looking at a lot of the claims mentioned in the article's above, and a lot more, claims that have not been mentioned. I started looking into this several year's ago, when I googled,( federal Reserve ), and clicked on, ( Secrets the Federal Reserve, They Don't want You to Know about ), and I have followed different links since, and it all makes, everything that I could not understand, about the government, of a nation that has some of the most INTELLIGENT, CAPABLE, and EXPERIENCED, minds in the world, make decisions, and law's that go against the majority of its people. As we have had the privilege to look into the past, time has proven these decision's and law's, have in the past , present, and will in the future, destroy the foundation of this country. Has anyone ever wondered, how the same families, or bloodline's, have alway's managed to stay in , ( if not all ), a vast majority, of the most powerful, and influential, position's in the government of a "FREE" country, like the U.S.A. If you look at the very beginning of this Nation, and the start of our "Democracy", as it was intended, there has been a lot of the original founders, with strong,strong, connections to The Rothschild family. These connection's being, blood, through marriage or within the, very Top Tier's, of the business structure's at one of the many Empire's, connected to the Rothschild's financial wealth. It is also very suspicious when we the people, elected a President,not within the circle they had control over, and this President was going to use his executive privilege, to try and abolish the Federal Reserve, both, President's were assasanated, before, caring out such plans. I might have missed something on this, it was a couple of year's ago, what I read, but I think, James Madison, who was know to be completely in good health, had future ambition's, for doing away with the Federal Reserve, and mysteriously died in his sleep,was buried, what was considered very quick for a President of a free country, with out an autopsy being performed, because, of stearn objection's from his wife. At that time it was believed by many close friend's, and associates, she was being influenced, against Her will, to carry out these wish's, as if they were what she wanted. There is information that that states a lot more interesting detail's, that reveals proven facts, along with the proof, like all of the U.S.A. government contracts, all go to certain company's, with tie's to these same family's, and many of the world event's are created, to alarm our citizen's, so the government, actually looks like they are looking out for it's people, when they are, really continuing, to award lucrative Goverment contracts, while these created events are fresh on the citizens minds, that create wealth for the same people, over and over. You would be amazed at what is, and alway's has been going on in our governrment, or if you read and look far enough, you will be scared to death, at the real plane. It is hard to imagine, but when 13 families hold 75-80 % of the total WORLD WEALTH, and are controlling just about everything, that has happened, including every major war, as far back as the early 1700's, all tied to the Rothschild family, which, is the family holding about 90%, of the wealth, out of what the 13 family's hold, and are the same, 13 familie's that own the Federal Reserve, I Believe.

              dab, Toronto

              This statement is at least Anecdotal and most likely Apocryphal. If anyone would choose to "READ" one of the many books on the Rothschilds, you would know that Nathan Mayer, the founder of the English branch of the Rothschilds bank "N. M. Rothschild" died in 1836, and that the title of 1st Baronet of Tring Park was bestowed on his son Anthony Mayer in 1847. Because Anthony had no children the title passed to his nephew Nathan Mayer II, (the "Grandson of the original Nathan Mayer) in 1876. Queen Victoria elevated "Natty" as he was called to Baron of Tring Park in 1885 and took his seat in the House of Lords.

              Dave, Alabama

              Read the ascent of money by Neal Ferguson. Disregarding of the revisionist history quoted here, Nathan Rothschild and his brothers were very nearly ruined by Waterloo. Having assumed that Napoleons last war would be characteristically a long one, the Rothschilds had bought all the gold and silver they could use get through their interfamily network. (The Rothschilds earned their first millions by supplying specie to England for overseas use in fighting the grand army of Napoleon in earlier wars) Contrary to the story told by Logan from Memphis, TN- the Rothschilds began BUYING BONDS (not selling stocks) which went up in value faster than would have gold (which is what they sold to by bonds). In fact, the bond market rose so fast that Nathan Rothschild became the old world equivalent of Warren Buffett. Please keep in mind that the Nazis revised history as a matter of political habit- which is where most of this BS originated. (Not that Logan should necessarily have reason to know this, it is just a matter of misinformation haunting us for generations) The truth is that the U.S. may have lost its war with the Confederacy had the Rothschilds not refused to back the South. How about that for something you werent told in school.

              Christopher, Marysville

              Predators thin out an over population of critters and keep a balance to the environment which allows more healthy diversity. Now man as you all know is getting monsterously rapacious so much so that we are about to extinguish ourselves gobbling up resourses, choking on industrial waste, transportation exhaust's scorching shroud over the atmosphere and of course, the worst with every new census, is yet to come. These folks that own the planet have the right to thin out the herd. Do we live at their expense, or do they live at ours. An over infestation of humanity is no different than too many rats, rabbits or roaches. Hell I don,t want your stink washing over me, nor you mine. Yep it's their property as good husbandmen prune the trees tend the vinyards and manage the herd so these wealthy holders must see to their weal. I know any good wise person would do likewise. 'God gave man dominion over all the creatures of the earth.' Some are in a position to be more dominant and some more envious. When its all said and done the value of a person's sense of self-worth is their greatest reward.

              Anton, Houston, TX

              Christopher, you're an idiot.

              BeZe, Galveston

              Christopher is definitely an infestation - he should volunteer to be thinned out first. Don't speak for anyone else, Christopher - and certainly don't quote the Bible, which you obviously don't understand.

              Michael Duerksen, Midland, Tx

              Rothschild Connections: BaronVon Durk-Tudor-Thierry-Dietrich-SiegfriedIICount Duerksen, Fariss-Arabian-Egyptian-GreekSpartan, Rollo-Charlemayne-Rollins-Navaho, Fraley-Frohlich Duerksen, Michael, Dean Fariss ( Louis 14 Sun King ? and Merovingians ? it looks that way....Duerksen ) Hello: I am an American artist, disabled and on a cane. The past 7 months or so, I developed an interest in my ancestral relationships in that I knew that I was of the German family Baron Von Durk and have known this for several decades but other than that I have been getting an education and doing pottery and drawing and political and human rights advocacy which I started in 1998 in West Texas. My contacts include members of the US Congress, intelligence functions, both domestic and international and I also write on immigration related issues. During my experience I fell and severed the cruciate ligaments in my left knee and ended up in a wheelchair for 3 years after having been quite athletic in a fairly broad range of activities including martial arts, scuba diving, running and the like. Anyway, eventually I managed to start using a cane after dumping the wheelchair in the dumpster. As I began to search for my ancesters via the Durk name I came to realize that Durk appeared to be a very old name and in different forms as are most names and the forms include Dirk, Duerk, Tilo, Tudor, Teutorigos, Theoridicus, Dietrich, Dietrich, Thierry and others, about 30 or more variations, some of which are German, ancient German, French, Greek, Irish and others. So I began to explore the pathway of these variations including that related more specifically to the name variant of Durk, or House of Durk or Dirk and found that when I did a search for the House of Durk, in Germany, for example, that it went to Ludwig II and the Niewenstein castles and when I did a search for Transylvania for the same name ( don't ask me why I searched Transylvania, but I did) the Yahoo search came up with Count Vllad Dracul, Order of the Dragon, but so far, and I have not looked that hard, I can not see any relavence that connects the various pathways from House of Dirk to Order of the Dragon, but I suspect that it might be found in the name Count Siegfried II ( Dietrich ) and the list of names below that title that relates to that count whom relates to House of Durk. ( Also I picked up information that indicated that the Durk name was about 10,000 years old and so far I discovered that the variant of the name and related to the McNamaras in Ireland goes back about 6,000 BC to the time of a King by the name of Milesius, but this may not be the first of the Durk relatives in Ireland. ) I found in Holland where the House of Dirk is primarily Dukes and Counts that appear to head in other directions. One of the points of this discussion is that there is reason to believe that in the Durk name and it's variants is found a connection to the Rothschilds which I understand starts with the first member of the family using the name in 1597 or so and then eventually to the 1700s or so. I see what appears to be a royal connection to the Rothschilds from the Durks via King Louis the 4th and his connection to the Hapsburg Castle via his mother Matilda, but there was friction there between her and others in the Hapsburg related dynasty that implied that perhaps it had not started yet. The connection to Louis the 4th appears to be found in Thierry or Dietrich and Floris, but I am not certain. Also I appear to be related to Henry Tudor whom married into the House of York. ( I would like to sidetrack here for a minute: I have reason to believe that I am related to Louis the 14, the Sun King, but I have not found it yet. Also to the Merovingian Kings. There is the House of Franzen that Duerksens and Dirksens have married into a number of times. ) and also into French Royalty which ended with the War at Calais but could have left some relations to the Tudor House there in France with pertinence. When I look at the House of Tudor which ended around 1600 and I see the connection they made to the House of York it looks like the blood line of the Tudors remains to today, but I need to study much more about this before I am sure, and please bear with me until I do. I see in the Tudor House a relationship to the House of Valais which appears to be related to the Rothschilds, I could be wrong in the geneology of the Prince of Wagram, Alexander Louis Phillipe Marie Berthier, 4th Prince of Wagram. Also there is a connection that is convoluted that goes from the House de Harris that appears to connect to Agnes Harris whom is related to Winston Churchill and Baron Von Bismarck and who's great, great, great, great, ....grandfather is Siegfried II, Count ( dietrich) variant of Durk. I must be desperate to find relations connecting to the Rothschilds. No, I believe that I am related to the Rothschilds somewhere along this line, but if not I will go to the next step, and this appears to be clearer and that is the Fraleys or the Frohlichs a German name that appears to be interchangeable to the Rothschilds in various times in history and of my grandad Andrew Fraley, an attorney with the Veterans Administration in the 1960s. ( my other grandad was Cornelious Arthur Duerksen, a farmer and rancher in Oklahoma and born from Cornelious Arthur Duerksen, the great grandson of Baron Von Durk and he married a member of the Spoetzel family in Oklahoma and had 4 sons. My Grandad, and I realize ofcourse that this does not appear to compare with the significance and the beauty of the Rothschild name and all that you represent, but I hope that you will find it interesting none the less. My grandad married a lady by the name of Fariss, ....Flossie Fariss whom is believed to be born of Greek Spartan ancestors and Arabian Faris. I checked the meaning of the name Faris and its variants and it appears to originate in Arabia and some say going back to late BC, but at least as early as 1200 AD and that you can find quite a few Greek Spartans of the bloodline of the Spartan army whom married into the Fariss or Faris or Ferris family bloodline living in Sparta. Anyway they looked Greek mostly and I can see a little Arabaic bloodline in my appearance which appears to be royal, and this bloodline competes with the Rollo, King of Normany line variant of Rollins and his marriage to a Navaho or Sioux Indian lady as an officer in the US Army and the Fraleys and where all of this goes. I checked on the Fraley name and found that when you look at the dozen or more variants to Frohlich and compare the relationship to the Rothschilds that you will find quite a few close ties to the two familys in business, marriage and science, so was Andrew Fraley and his brother Dick, a Texas oilman, related to the Rothschilds? It appears to be true. My dad is Dr Dean Faris Duerksen living in West Texas and is retired. My mother is Carol Lynn Rollins Fraley. I am the oldes child, one of my brothers, Joe, a chorale singer and band and chorale director and musician died in 1998. We are a professional family whom appears to have significant connections to the past royal houses that I thought interesting enough to connect to someone about. Rollo, King of Normandy the Viking creator and is believed by most to be related to Charlemayne who's offspring includes: Guillaume (William) I "Longsword" of Normandy, d. 942. Gerloc or Adele, m. Guillaume (William) Tte d'toupe, count of Poitou and duke of Aquitaine. The Count of the Count of Burgundy who had about ten children, one of whom was Ermentrude whom married Theodoric I, of the House of Thierry, House of Durk in Germany, Count of Montbe'liard to Theodoric II, lord of Mouson, son of Louis Scarpone, Count of Montbe'liard and Sophie Countess of Bar and Lady of Mouson. Sophie was the daughter of Frederick II Duke of Upper Lorraine and Mathilda of Swabia and sister Beatrice, Marchioness of Tuscany, and niece of the Empress Gisela, wife of Conrad II, married to Boniface III of Tuscany. Beatrice bore three children: she did bear her husband three children. The eldest, Beatrice, died in 1053, shortly after Boniface. The only son, Frederick, succeeded his father, but died soon after. The youngest child was Matilda, who inherited the great patrimony from Frederick. Beatrice remarried in 1054 to Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine, who ruled until his death in 1069. ( Wikipedia) . Well this is one of the pathways that appears to lead from Rollo, King of Normandy to other French and also Italian direction, the origins of the Rollins family whom are supposed to be related during Wild West history to Wyatt Earp, who's grandmother or greatgrandmother were members of the Rollins family or so I heard from several sources and to several other members of the US Marshalls named Rollins during Wild West history. I cannot so far connect via these names to the Kings of France, except King Louis the 4th via Thierry I think and also Richard 1 and III, but it appears to be a good start, with mention along the way to the Thierry, House of Theodoric, House of Dirk or Durkor another way of saying the name Durk. Some of the above is supposition so far and that limited to the US Marshalls Rollins and their relationship to Wyatt Earp, but it appears to be from good sources. House of Hapsburg... Karl von Habsburg (Karl Thomas Robert Maria Franziskus Georg Bahnam; born 11 January 1961), referred to in Austria as Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in France as Charles de Habsbourg-Lorraine, in the Czech Republic as Karel Habsbursko-Lotrinsk, in Hungary as Habsburg Kroly, and by his royal name as Archduke Karl of Austria,[1] or, by monarchists, Karl II of Austria or Kroly V of Hungary, is an Austrian politician, and the current Head of the House of Habsburg, and the Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece.... that is Karl von Habsburg, of the House of Lorraine-Hapsburg, appears to be related to ... Capetian and House of Valois. There seems to be a connection. Where is all of this leading? Who knows, but I would like to go to Henry Tudorand try to lead to the House of Capetian which appears to lead to Hapsburg. Here it is: Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond; later titled King Henry VII son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort born 28 January 1457 at Pembroke Castle, Wales claimed title of Henry VII, king of England c.1484 declared king 22 August 1485 at Battle of Redmoor Plain/Bosworth Field coronation 30 October 1485 at Westminster Abbey, London married to Elizabeth Plantagenet, princess of England, on 18 January 1486 at Westminster Abbey, London Eight Children with Elizabeth Plantagenet: Arthur, prince of Wales, born 20 September 1486 Margaret, born 28 November 1489 Henry VIII, king of England, born 28 June 1491 Elizabeth, born 2 July 1492; died 1495 Mary, born 18 March 1496 Edmund, duke of Somerset, born 21 February 1499; died 1500 Edward ? Katherine, born and died 2 February 1503 died 22 April 1509 at Richmond Palace, Surrey buried at the Henry VII 'Lady Chapel', Westminster Abbey, London Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet, also called Elizabeth of York daughter of Edward IV, king of England & Queen Elizabeth Woodville born 11 February 1466 at Westminster Palace, London married to Henry VII, king of England, on 18 January 1486 at Westminster Abbey, London Eight Children Arthur, prince of Wales, born 20 September 1486 Margaret, born 28 November 1489 Henry VIII, king of England, born 28 June 1491 Elizabeth, born 2 July 1492; died 1495 Mary, born 18 March 1496 Edmund, duke of Somerset, born 21 February 1499; died 1500 Edward ? Katherine, born and died 2 February 1503 coronation 25 November 1487 at Westminster Abbey, London died 11 February 1503 at Tower of London, London buried at the Henry VII 'Lady Chapel', Westminster Abbey, London Prince Arthur of Wales born 20 September 1486 at St. Swithin's Priory, Winchester titled Prince of Wales 27 February 1490, Westminster Palace, London married to Princess Katharine of Aragon on 14 November 1501 at St.Paul's Cathedral, London died 2 April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire buried at Worcester Cathedral Princess Margaret Tudor; later titled queen of Scots born 28 November 1489 at Westminster Palace, London married to James Stuart, titled King James IV of Scotland, 8 August 1503 at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh titled Queen of Scotland 8 August 1503 at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh Six Children with King James IV of Scotland: James of Rothesay, duke of Rothesay, born 21 February 1507 daughter, born 15 July 1508 Arthur, duke of Rothesay, born 20 October 1509 James, later King James V of Scotland, born 15 April 1512 daughter, born November 1512 Alexander, duke of Ross, born 30 April 1514 widowed 1513 married to Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus, on 4 August 1514 at Kinnoul Church One Child with Archibald Douglas: Margaret, Lady Douglas, born 1515 divorced 1528 married to Henry Stewart, Lord Methven I, on 3 March 1528 One Child with Henry Stewart: Lady Dorothea Stewart, born ? Go to the Scottish genealogy page. Prince Henry Tudor, duke of York; later titled King Henry VIII born 28 June 1491 at Greenwich Palace, London titled King of England 24 June 1509 at Westminster Abbey, London married to Katharine of Aragon, princess of Spain, on 11 June 1509 at Grey Friars Church, Greenwich Six Children with Katharine of Aragon: daughter, born 31 January 1510 Henry (1), duke of Cornwall, born 1 January 1511 Henry (2), duke of Cornwall, born November 1513 son, born December 1514 Mary, later titled Mary I, queen of England, born 18 February 1516 daughter, born 10 November 1518 marriage annulled 1533 married to Anne Boleyn, marquess of Pembroke, on 25 January 1533 at Westminster, London Three Children with Anne Boleyn: Elizabeth I, queen of England, born 7 September 1533 Henry, duke of Cornwall, born 1534 son, born 29 January 1536 marriage annulled 1536 married to Jane Seymour on 20 May 1536 One Child with Jane Seymour: Edward, later titled Edward VI, king of England, born 12 October 1537 at Hampton Court Palace widowed 24 October 1537 at Hampton Court Palace married to Anne of Cleves on 6 January 1540 at Greenwich Palace marriage annulled 1540 married to Catherine Howard on 28 July 1540 at Hampton Court Palace marriage annulled 1541 married to Katharine Parr on 12 July 1543 at Hampton Court Palace died 28 January 1547 at Whitehall Palace, London buried at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle mistresses Elizabeth Stafford - no children Elizabeth Blount, called Bessie Blount One child with Elizabeth Blount: Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond, born 1519 Go to the Stafford/Blount/Fitzroy genealogy page. Princess Mary Tudor, queen of France and duchess of Suffolk born 18 March 1496 at Richmond Palace, Surrey married to King Louis XII of France on 9 October 1514 at Abbeville Cathedral, France widowed 1514 married to Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, on 3 March 1515 in Paris Three Children Henry, earl of Lincoln, born 11 March 1515 Frances, born 16 July 1517 Eleanor, born 1519 died 25 June 1533 at Westhorpe Hall, Suffolk buried at St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds Katharine of Aragon, princess of Spain last child of Ferdinand of Aragon, king of Spain & Isabella, queen of Castle born 15 December 1485 at Alcala de Henares, Madrid married to Arthur, prince of Wales, on 14 November 1501 at St. Paul's Cathedral, London widowed 2 April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 11 June 1509 at Grey Friars Church, Greenwich Six Children daughter, born 31 January 1510 Henry (1), duke of Cornwall, born 1 January 1511 Henry (2), duke of Cornwall, born November 1513 son, born December 1514 Mary I, queen of England, born 18 February 1516 daughter, born 10 November 1518 marriage annulled 1533 died 7 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle buried at Peterborough Cathedral Anne Boleyn, marquess of Pembroke born about 1501/2 or 1507 at Blickling Hall, Norfolk titled marquess of Pembroke on 1 September 1532 married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 25 January 1533 at Westminster Abbey, London Three Children Elizabeth I, queen of England, born 7 September 1533 Henry, duke of Cornwall, born 1534 son, born 29 January 1536 marriage annulled 1536 executed 19 May 1536 at Tower Green, Tower of London buried at the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London Go to the Boleyn family webpage. This page is under constant construction; please check back to see later additions. to Tudor England Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466 11 February 1503) was Queen consort of England as spouse of King Henry VII, Henry Tudor, from 1486 until 1503. Elizabeth of York was, during her lifetime, a daughter, sister, niece and wife of English monarchs - Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III and Henry VIIrespectively. Spouse Henry VII of England Issue Arthur, Prince of Wales Margaret, Queen of Scots Henry VIII of England Elizabeth Tudor Mary, Queen of France Edmund, Duke of Somerset Edward Tudor Katherine Tudor House House of York (by birth) House of Tudor (by marriage) Father Edward IV of England Mother Elizabeth Woodville Born (1466-02-11)11 February 1466 Westminster Palace Died 11 February 1503(1503-02-11) (aged 37) Richmond Palace Burial Henry VII's Chapel Thankyou for reading the above descendents of Henry Tudor, Henry VII of England and the connections to other houses. I hope that you find this interesting. Also I have 177 hours of college with 70 hours of social sciences in Psychology and Sociology and masters level courses, also some in biology and horticulture from Angelo State U and University of Central Oklahoma... I ran a 46.5 second on the final leg in the mile relay as anchor in 1972 just shortly before running a 22.3 on the first half of the quarter mile in the next track meet, my senior year in highschool and due to some sports related injuries I was ordered by a specialist to stop activities for 3 months. I had been running track since the 7th grade, but our 10th through 12th grade track years were weak and I managed to scrape out a few records and quite a few wins the first several years and resistance after that. I ran a restrained 51.3 on the open quarter during the 46.5 second meet, but due to the fact that we were 40 yards behind last place on the mile relay and that I caught up to nearly first place, to a runner whom could run a 50.3 it has been calculated that I ran at least a 47.5 and probably a 46.5 to most. Please excuse the boasting. One last connection here would include my sister Margaret Duerksen whom married Leo De Luna of Singapore family and related to the Italian and Spanish royal family of the same name and then my brother Paul, a graduate of Texas A&M whom married a Beverly Devereuax ( related to Jessie James ) and and Joe, graduate of West Texas State U, one of the finest music and other schools at the time, my late and youngest brother whom married a Karen Davenport, part Indian and both the Davenports and Devereuaxs are related to Elizabeth I. Thankyou for reading this message. Sincerely, Michael Dean Fariss Duerksen 301 Everts street Ft Stockton, Tx 79735 or or represents my artwork due to the name Miss Muppie drawing of a young woman, or 432-312-1529 celllular . Bye.

              michael duerksen, midland, tx

              Correction for the following data: The past several days I began to see that I was in error in my perception of some of the data and I would like to explain that here: First I became suspicious of the Tudor name, specifically that of Henry Tudor and his father Edward Tudor. It's not that he wasn't a legitimate King, but rather he appeared to have borrowed the name Tudor from the Durk family of names which also includes Teutorigos, Tilo, Terry, Dietrich, Dirk, Thierry and others, some French, some German, ancient German and the like. The Tudors of Henry and Edward had nothing to do with bloodline or genetic heritage but rather their decision to change their name from Fychan, which was preceded by Vaughan to Tudor, because they must have known that Tudor meant Durk in Welsh and it sounded like, " ruler of the people, Turkish wars, Turk, Dark, dagger, prisoner of war..." and other and therefore good for leading the people. Henry Tudor, whom became Henry VII was a successful King and he strenghtened his kingdom by marrying Elizabeth of York. If you check the geneology below, which I thought might below to th heritage of the House of Durk names which appears to include, but not definitively so, Ludwig II and the neiuwenstein castles and Count Vllad Tepes II of Transylvania. ( I have to throw this in due to the fact that when I did a search for the House of Durk in Germany, Yahoo gave me Lugwig II and other and the same for Transylvania, so there appears to be a House of Durk connection there. ) Durkand preceding names is concluded to go back quite possibly 35-40 thousand years to ancient Turkey. That is a supposition based on the overall impression of the nation to nation spread of names that appear to be related to Durk and other information. Anyway, the Tudor House appears to spread across Europe and appears to go everywhere and was a strong and interesting dynasty. So I do not think I am related to the Tudor Dynasty, but the name Tudor is still understood to be a Durk, Dirk, Duerk variant that includes Dirksen, Duerksen including Baron Von Durk, my greatgreat grandad. Next, I want to look at Rollo, the origins of the name Rollins, Rawlings and other, Rollins being my grandmother Alma Rollins name. Since the origins are Rollo then it must be Rollo, king of the Vikings and Normandy. Rollo did not inherit control over Normandy, it was given to him by the French monarchy due to the fact that they could resist it and they also thought that his presence there would help them to fend off invaders. Some people conclude that Rollo is related to Charlemayne, most historians do, and if this is correct then I would be related to Charlemayne and through him virtually most if not all the royal houses and dynastys in Europe to the middle east including the Hapsburgs. About 15 % or less of historians do not think it is true. I will search this. Anyway, Rollo, is also believed by some to have had no surviving offspring, but again this appears to be false, and I demonstrated a geneology further down in this commentary that appears to argue in the defense of the Rollo legacy in that his surviving son appears to have connected to a sizeable number of relations in other royal houses including those in Italy and Spain and if one were to follow this pathway you might.....that is might come to the Austrians and the Hapsburgs, but whether you do or not, it still appears to be a good and interesting connection. When you follow the Rollo to Rollins line you should find yourself confronting the Wild West including people in the US Marshalls, including Wyatt Earp who's grandmother or mother may have been a Rollins. Anyway, my Grandmother Alma Rollins was the daughter of a US Army officer married to a Navaho girl in the late 1800s. Alma Rollins, a public school teacher with a masters in education, married Andrew Fraley, a teacher become attorney for the Oklahoma City Veteran's Admin agency. Fraley is a German name as a variant that is known as Froelig, Frohlich, Frohlick, Frolick and other. This German name is viewed by some as being interchangeable at times in history with the Rothschilds in business, marriage and science. This is where the Rothschild bloodline to my life appears to enter, if not via Siegfried II (Dietrich...German name of Durk) and others. When I search for Rothschild-Fraley or Rothschild-Frolich there appears an unusual amount of connections between the two familys that I noticed today is missing from Yahoo search when you look at "Fraley and Rothschild " and search. This search is being dominated at this time by the writings of a Bob Fraley and it goes and goes and there doesn't appear to be anything else, and it appears to be all negative about the Rothschilds. Before this occurred a few weeks ago, there appeared to be quite a bit of information supporting my opinion. Michael Duerksen -- Anonymous, midland, tx German Helps or Anne's German Cheat Sheet! Ehehindernis = hinderance to marriage ehel. = ehelich ... FROHLICH = FRAILEY, FRALEY Frueh/Freeh = early (riser) .... Rothschild = red shield. Rothstein = red ...Rothschild ... Read THE ROTHSCHILDFAMILY TIMELINE-RULER'S OF ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search] SMITH JOHNSON WILLIAMS BROWN JONES MILLER DAVIS ... LYMAN BILLINGSLEY MCADAMS CARDWELL FRALEY PATTEN HOLTON ..... BOUTTE MESSMER ROTHSCHILD BOHRER ELGIN KINLEY SCHECHTER ..... BYUN FERRON MCQUEARY RIESS STAYTON WEDDING ALLYN FRISBEE ...Washington, D.C. Dismiss General Casey ... [Found Exclusively On Google] JGA SEPT-OCT 08 methodology: a marriage of data assem blage ... Fraley has started a snazzy new quarterly magazine ... Brenda and Bill Rothschild, Marcia Rothschild and Janice ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search]relationship to the Rothschildsthat you will ... [Found Exclusively On Google] United States Consular Reports of Marriages ... - JewishGen Blog Feb 23, 2011 ... Other couples, to be found in the marriage records were Harry Zichlin and Flora Grabelski Frimet, Harry W. Froehlich and Anneliese Rothschild, ...documenting major events in his life, such as marriages, naturalization, [Found Exclusively On Google] KATZ - katz marriages in Argentina - Jewish Genealogy Jewish Marriages in Argentina - Finding relatives in ... FROHLICH ISAAC KATZ CARLOTA FRYDLEWSKI ... ROTHSCHILD JUANA KATZ DE ROTHSCHILD MAX ...LAIMS ESOLUTION RIBUNAL ... who was married to Lina Frhlich, ne Rothschild. ... Owner by marriage is not entitled to receive any portion ... frohlich.doc Author: JP002827 Created Date: 8/14/2003 12 ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search]

              Karsten Hansen, Boomtown

              Michael Midland tx; Rollo was a Viking chief from" Faxe" Sjlland, Denmark just for your information, and Normandie was given to the viking for not burning down Paris!! Sen means son of, like in son of duerk, 1sn or 2 son, first is danish, second is swedish.

              anoynomas, detrioit

              The only two presidents to oppose the federal reserve? Abraham lincon through his "green backs"(intrest free paper notes) and John F Kennedy with executive order 11110(i could be wrong with those numbers). And guess what happened to them? They were both shot dead. Also Abrahams vice president didnt last a few weeks in office before he was shot too

              MIchael Duerksen, Ft Stockton, Tx

              Michael Dean Fariss Minton Spoetzel Rollins Navaho Fraley Duerksen: Michael Dean ( dad) Fariss ( Arabian-Greek-Spartan to Royal houses...Al Faris), Minton ( English Lords ) Spoetzel ( Shiner Bach company) Rollins ( King of Vikings and Normandy to Charlemagne to Van Dirks of Holland....American Wild West ), Navaho...(from Lt Rollins, US Army and Navaho, Hopi, Sioux wife to Alma Rollins my grandmother), Fraley ( is Froehlich, Froelig, Frolich, Rothschild interwoven families ) Duerksen ( is from Baron von Durk, GGD to Holland counts to royalty all over Europe and Middle East. ) Durk, Duerk, Dirk, Duerksen, Dirksen DNA name variants are Turk and 400 variants including von Turckheim, von Turk, Ozturk, Le Turk. 2 major Durk names include the Irish origins from ancient Septs and Clans, also from Milesius, known as Brigus and Brion related to the Eqyptians and Egyptian princess wife Scotta ( name for Scotland) to being the father of Ireland, and the OBrian Kingdom to O'Durcain to McNamara and from Durcan, O' Durkan, Gurkin, O' Durkin, Mc Gurkin, Mc Durcan, and others. Milesius is related to virtually all the kings of Sparta, Greece, the Dorians ( from which comes Leonidus the Spartan King whom fought at Theomopylae ) all the Egyptian Pharoahs, some Persian Kings including Cyrus, and to some of the kings of Judah and to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob of Israel. Milesius is Durk to O'Durcain to von Durk and Durk is Turk and ruler of the people. Durk is also Rothschild via Baron Dietz II von Worms, ...Coates family I think, Phillipe Maria Berthier de Rothschild, Prince of Wagram IV, ...Meyer family connection.... I think via a Froehlich ( Fraley) ...Barroness Phillipe ( Daisy) de Rothschild, House of La Tour de Avergne from House of Valois, Marguerite from Holland Dirk counts, von Worms from von Wormsgau, and others. I believe that the Rothschilds have done alot of good in the world. note: Rollo, the King of Normandy was the creator of the Vikings and the father of all the Dukes and Kings of Normandy and from Norway. Two of his sons were kings of Scotland and one, William the Conqueror was the King of England. Michael Duerksen

              Joseph, Los Angeles

              The Gross Product of the World is between 69 and 72 Trillion per year. If the Rothschild's as a unified Family have been able to amass 100 Trillion of Wealth then they would be able to personally purchase ever product or service in the World and still would have 25 Trillion or so left over. We as a public are only just starting to realize the hold which they have over us all... and are only now considering what might be done to regain our Liberty.... it is likely a long road ahead in educating people and since this same family owns most of the media it is unlikely that there will ever be enough critical mass to gain our freedom.... but try we must.

              Rudolph, Christmans

              Having a hard time finding a primary source for this quote.... any help??

              Anonymous, Ft Stockton

              Michael Dean Minton Fariss (Pharis)Rollins (Rollo)Navaho Gallatt Kirby ( Kirkeby) Lloyd Lewis Rothschild Fraley (Frohlich)Spoetzel Duerksen (Baron Von Durk (Prince ?)..Van Dirk Dukes-Counts...Minton Lords of Shropshire, Fariss-Pharis Spartan Kings-Soldiers, Egyptian Pharoahs,Arabian Rajas-Sultans-Knights, Rollo Viking Kings, French Normandy Dukes, Navahos via Rollins marriage 1800s, then Lt William Rollins USArmy 1800s married Maymie Gallatt ( Gallant) Kirby ( Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth Windsor 11 via Ogle,Hilton, Moore, Devereaux, deFerrier ( Faris), deGrey, Ferguson (Faris),deTilton,(Duerksen), Tysson ( Duerksen ) Roche-Tesson,Salisbury, Rollo, ...also Duerssen and Rawlings (Rollo). Then Andrew Lewis Lloyd Rothschild Fraley married Alma Gallatt Kirby Navaho Rollins and had my mother Carol Lynn Gallatt Navaho Kirby Rollins Rothschild Fraley Duerksen and cousin Ford Gallatt Navaho Gallatt Kirby Rollins Rothschild Fraley. There are twenty Rothschild memes in Fraley line including his mother, great grandmother, X 19. Spoetzel marriage to Duerksen: 1895 or so to son of Baron Ignastias Von Durk in Oklahoma, Cornelious Arthur Duerksen. Not much known on this, but appears to be same family of Shiner Bach Spoetzels and have birth to Cornelious Arthur Duerksen, my dad,s father: Dr Dean Minton Fariss Spoetzels Duerksen from Von Durk and is ancient Spartan kings, Egyptian Pharoahs of Teo, Tije,Tua, Ma-at( from Maat, Mateo- Teo-Teodoric-,Matthias,Matthew (Tudor),Mattityahu, Mattathiessen, Mattiessen,Thiessen, Thies,Ties, ( T to D in Turkish then ) Dy, Dies, Dietz, Diedes, Durk, Diez,Diaz,Durck,Dirk,Dierck,Dietrich, Diederich,Derk,Derryk, Terry,Teri,Thierry, Tilden, Tillman,Tilton,Tillotson, Tilly,Duelly, GreekSpartan Theodore-Theodricus,etc, Also Teutorigos, abreviated to Tewdwr, then Tudor from Mathew and from Dietrich to Trich, Trick, Trigg, Troke,Therox, Thibinault, Theron. Fraley is Frohlich is Ashkenazi from Gomer to Windsor, Genghis Khan, Vlad Tepes, 1st Egyptian Pharoahs Mizraim...where Faris and Frolich appear to be the same family via Fairies,Fairchild,Pheries,Ferries, Pharoahs around 8000 BC to the house of Levi. Duerksen, son of Durk via Mattathoad is the oldest name on the world , and Van Dirk is the origins of Mountbatten. Secondary Duerksen surnames are Devereaux, Davenport, Middleton, French Cajun Gallatt and Rollo ,Levi and Rothschild on dad and mother,s side. Siblings: Paul Dean Fariss Duerksen to Beverly Devereaux with kids Ben, Robert, Emily, then the late Joseph David Duerksen to Karen Navaho-Cherokee Davenport Duerksen with Robert and Angela. Don't forget Prince Harry, Prince William and Kate Windsor and Pippa Middleton, Prince Charles Windsor and Prince Phillip Mountbatten Windsor, Duchess of York Ferguson ( Fariss) and Queen Elizabeth II, Andrea Windsor. Also David Rene de Phillipe Rothschild, Baron and Daisy de Phillipe deRothschild Barronness James
              Woods and Ian Thomas Griffith....both Rothschilds and movie stars.

              ss, killemall

              anyone ever think that maybe hitler was right

              ross, nibiru

              hi to all perks as the old saying rich and poor we're all going to same box forget all this nonsense of new world order so far we are leaving to uhhh let say 70 year old many of this people of rotten brains and suffocated heart are already 69 soon they will be in the box too, and when the last minute reach the only thing that will come to their minds will be, one more box order so lets not worry invest time with family thats the richness, happiness more than gold.

              Antonioni, Tarrytown
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              Antonioni, Tarrytown ross, nibiru 6/8/24

              and our children and their children, should we forget them as well?

              Bruski, Naples FL

              "What fools these mortals be!"

              Greenspan, Bernanke & Yellen supported by the fools in congress have destroyed our money.

              And, now Mr. Trump is changing his tune in supporting Yellen.

              Fun & games ahead.

              Bruski, Naples FL

              P.S. The dollar is now worth less than 2 cents of its value when the Federal Reserve was founded.

              jim k, Austin

              Does anyone actually read these ultra long dissertations that show up on this site ??

              Mike, Norwalk

              jim, while smiling and shaking my bowed head, I sheepishly have to admit I read them. ummm ;-)

              Rita, Richland

              It's a shame how many of our fellow citizens have "sold us down the river."

              Janet, Matyland

              Stop using cash and be your own bank with Bitcoin or other crypto currency. You want to hit where it hurts take away the control of fiat money and the banks they own. Many sites to get started like Do something that puts you in control!

              Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

              This pronouncement is the expression of the mindset of a mere boy. This Rothschild fellow is interested in the virtually valueless, but popular idea of being the big game winning player. Men, on the hand, leave a trail of valuable tools and information to enhance the valiant struggle of the life process. A man's contribution provide the building blocks that enhance the chances of human survival that live virtually forever not so much because he controls empires or money, but because he controls himself.

              Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown
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              Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown 6/14/24

              Mr Rothschild is money's puppet. An inanimate object makes him dance to its own tune.


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