Nicolas-Sebasstien Chamfort Quote

“Only the history of free peoples is worth our attention; the history of men under a despotism is merely a collection of anecdotes.”

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E Archer, NYC

In today's new world order, America is expected to adjust to a United Nations view of the world in which America gives up its free republic status in order that it may better be integrated with the old British and European economic, social and civil systems. The price is merely our Constitution, sovereignty, and individual rights -- but at least we all finally get along... right?

Dick, Fort Worth

Yeah, let's read only what pleases us and reinforces our opinions. Who wants to learn from mistakes and failures and read about all those horrible lives and deaths? Who cares? And what the heck does hatred of the U.N. have to do with this quote?

Joe, Rochester, MI

U.N. is attempting to socialize the U.S. and destroy our constution and way of life, in favor of the greater good.

Robert, Sarasota

America was responsible for terrible acts of genocide and we have no right to preach - OK we have a right but let it be just. Our foreign policy stinks and is the cause of terrorism as we know it today. What hypocrisy to criticize the UN when America has interfered with other governments and supported extreme right wing despots. We are doing such a great job of messing in our own bed I doubt very much if the UN wants us as bedfellows and as for socializing America that has to be number 756 on their list. P.s the quote is very confusing - history is history.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Dick & Robert have it spot on... (dragging the UN into this one would be like dragging King George W into it... plain crazy... just like KGW ;-)

Mike, Norwalk

He who forgets history is doomed to relive it. If the study of history was solely reduced to "free peoples", man may be considered ignorant as, that pamphlet would be very small indeed.

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anonymous    7/21/14

Ahh, the French. The wise old French.

jim k, austin tx

E Archer and Joe got it right.

Ron w13, Or

On point Archer, I like your comment also Mike ! Drag the UN into it by all means. We should have withdrawn from the UN a long time ago ! It takes two to tango Robert. Infiltration over a period of time, History, has shown the rarity of a free Republic and the small windows in time to observe it. The UN perpetuating global socialistic democracy. Come out from among them and be ye separate !! Long live the Republic !


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