Phyllis McGinleyPhyllis McGinley, (1905-1978) American author of children's books and poetry. Pulitzer prize 1961

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“Those wearing Tolerance for a label, Call other views intolerable.”

Phyllis McGinleyPhyllis McGinley
~ Phyllis McGinley


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Waffler, Smith

Cute and provocative.

Justin, Elkland

McGinley was one of the true heroes of the feminist movement, cast in the mold of Abagail Adams. Today's feminists would be reviled by her, no doubt.

jim k, austin

Everyone is intolerant, just on different subjects.

Mike, Norwalk

Yeah, pretty much

warren, olathe

Having tolerance means to disapprove but either be willing or forced to put up with something. He that goes around hollering 'tolerance, tolerance!" does not seek equality, understanding or harmony. He instead seeks ownership of a political issue. That issue would be useless to him if it was actually solved. Tolerance does not solve the problem it only allows it to fester.

Waffler, Smith

I guess Warren would then support things like ethnic cleansings, final solutions, etcetera to end the festering of problems. Tolerance is the heart of democracy. Rule of the majority is the rule in a democracy and so is tolerance.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith 9/12/18

Waffler, democracy is despotism by the anti-individual mob  tolerance having NO part thereof. Ethnic cleansing is a tool of democracy, not an answer to individual sovereigns with inalienable rights at natural law's relationships or problems. The lying double speak of deception / misdirection does not change the actual destructive effects of democracy.

E Archer, NYC

I think warren says it well. Waffler, as is his custom, chooses wild exaggerations to express his intolerance. Since democracy is NOT the form of government established by the Constitution, we are supposed to 'tolerate' it -- I think it is safe to say that the rule of the majority over a minority is as intolerable as the rule of a minority over a majority. The mistake is to think that our government is supposed to 'rule' over us at all. As long as that is the premise for a democracy, expect those under the thumb of others 'ruling' over them to be intolerant, as well they should be. The American is not ruled by others -- he is ruled by himself and 100% responsible for the condition and quality of his life -- and the price is to be tolerant of others living their own lives their own way without burden to another. How tolerant of that is Waffler? (NOT) Waffler wants national democratic socialism to rule, and he wants us all to tolerate it like good little goose-steppers. I am tolerant of his views until it becomes an act of assault which I do not have to tolerate.

Waffler, Smith

Intolerance is when the majority eliminates the minority. He often argues against the idea of "might (or majority) makes right". Here I am defending or insisting on the need for might or majority to be tolerant and Archer bitches about it. The only point proven is that Archer likes to bitch and most often knows not what he is even saying or writing.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith 9/12/18

Waffler, again  democracy's definition does not include any understanding of tolerance. Forms of collectivism are identical in their despotic enforcement of intolerance. Your word salad is inaccurate in the extreme and misleading at best.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    9/12/18

The wafflers of the world, nothing more than "nationalist socialist"
snowflakes are crying loud, they have been "defined well" and must wear the suit they have put on. WWG1WGA MAGA 2020


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