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“I am, indeed, a king, because I know how to rule myself.”

~ Pietro Aretino

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Mike, Norwalk

In the philosophical atmosphere as here displayed, the ability to rule one's self may be an attribute of a corporeal prince although, to be a king - is to be (without exterior rule). To rule one's self is a student's self portrait of still learning and/or becoming.

Mike, Norwalk

I should add here, I am making a distinction between ruling and governing.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In the sphere of self governance, as in all other spheres, discernment makes the defining difference.

robert, somewhere inthe USA

The option to rule yourself is only provided as long as your rule does no harm to others.

Mike, Norwalk

robert, a small caveat to your statement; self rule is not "provided" by a third party in any scenario or society that exists at natural law, freedom, liberty or with individual sovereign's recognition of inalienable rights. To perpetrate harm to or on an innocent "other(s)", is a criminal act outside the self rule of natural law, freedom, liberty, sovereignty and inalienable right(s); and, is dealt with at, under and within the realm of justice.

E Archer, NYC

Come on, Robert. You are already responsible, you live according to your own conscience and bear the consequences. If ruling oneself is optional, and apparently conditional, who makes the determination? A Hegelian dialectic logical fallacy.


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