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“The wise do freely, early and in good time, what fools do later out of necessity.”

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roger, Long Island City

Be the head and not the tail.

Joe, Rochester, MI

...wish I could always be so wise.

adnil manrub, Battle Creek

All proverbs were divinely inspired by Jehovah our creator. What more needs to, or can be said.

Warrdoc, Elk Grove,

so are we wise or fools? It is late, very soon it will be too late!

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

Yes, we may well have past the tipping point... Bernie, if he keeps to his word, is America's only hope for recovery. If he does not keep to his word, or is assassinated, like most good men are, then America can kiss itself goodbye..

jim k, Austin

Very true .

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Though it is not from the Book of Proverbs, It is, truth based on commonsense. And can be applied to many things.

E Archer, NYC

If only we were born wise ... ;-) The fact is, fools only become wise by learning from their foolish mistakes -- dare I say, that is the only way.

And if Bernie becomes president (which he won't, his run is just to make Hillary look moderate) you may as well consider America kissed good-bye already. More government control and regulation is not the answer. The processes and systems of administration have been corrupted -- the legal system and money system keep the process of confiscation of power from the People into the hands of the government going. The statutes and regulations set by the government are written to fix the flow of power to them and away from us. It does not matter who is in power, as long as the laws enforce the process of compelled compliance, it does not matter who sits on the throne -- although it would be preferable if narcissists drunk with the lust for power could be kept from it.

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

How about keeping a lust for war off the throne - American's may still have a chance to enjoy the rest of their life!

Mo, Queens New York

Yes, this is a wonderful quotation because a wise person prepares himself/herself for a rainy day or for immediate excruciating need; and, a fool continues to impress, resent the progress of his brother or sister... instead of looking into himself/herself finding the God given talent, which was bestowed at the inception of life. The fool, without ample understanding, waits until the last minute to realize that he/she should have prepared previously, before dire time of need became an issue. The fool, however, is so inundated into the affairs of others, he/she is blindfolded the reality of life; and, needlessly to say, understanding that each person on this planet was put here for a purpose.... most scintillating, to keep the dream vividly alive for future generations.


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