R. Buckminster Fuller Quote

“Real wealth can only increase.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

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Mike, Norwalk

Not sure how to rate thins, there's not enough information or indicators. If it is referencing a tangible based money system with laissez-faire entrepreneurial endeavors in a free market, producing tangibles, it gets at least 5 stars

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

It matters not what is being measured (even the worship of pipe dreams such as the fantacy Mike dreams of). In all cases reversal is possible. Happyness, peace, any measure of material wealth, enlightenment, knowledge... all of these can go away.

GunnyCee, Durham

This is exactly why "bail-outs" and "stimulous" programs will never work. The government can create money, but they cannnot create wealth which is only created by the production of goods and services on an open market. Keynesian economics has proven to be bogus, yet liberals continue to slam their heads against the same wall and expecting different outcomes.

Abigail, Newport

Real oppression can only increase.

dick, fort worth

He read too much Ayn Rand.

E Archer, NYC

Thought provoking. What is 'real' wealth, then? I assume it is something 'real' and tangible as opposed to promises or even emotions like happiness (not exactly wealth in my mind). And is wealth equated with 'value' -- isn't there a fixed amount of matter on Earth with the exception of the occasional addition of meteorites that crash into the planet? But what of plants and animals -- their populations adjust up and down. How about the theory 'matter can neither be created nor destroyed'? Perhaps Fuller simply meant that 'wealth' itself can only be an increase -- otherwise it isn't wealth is it?

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Anonymous    3/6/11

Real Wealth according to ancient Hindu Thought 'Vidyaa' - Experiential Knowledge... It is said 'Knowledge is the only wealth 'which increases with its spending' !! ..A Wealth.. Which cant be stolen Which cant be confiscated by the King Which neednt be divided amongst siblings. Which isnt any burden -- The Wealth of Knowledge is indeed the the Best of all Wealth.

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    Anonymous    3/6/11

    If I may add my name to my comment " "Real wealth according to ancient Hindu Thought is 'Vidya'........" Vedapushpa Bangalore - India.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Anonymous, thanks


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