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“If newsmen do not tell the truth as they see it because it might make waves, or if their bosses decide something should or should not be broadcast because of Washington or Main Street consequences, we have dishonored ourselves and we have lost the First Amendment by default.”

~ Richard Salant

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Damn straight! Just as I have been saying, a press that is not free is not a press at all. When they hold back the truth and deny the W5H, observations and facts, and abide by what politicians and pollsters report they are nothing more than the pressaganda.

Joe, Rocheester, MI

Government, the media and business are feeding socialism to the masses.

MK, Houston

Our Founding Fathers saw Government as the problem, and in a large way, the free Press as the watchdog. Could they have ever imagined that such a free press would intentionally take the side of misinformation? It is a sad, sad thing to see. Shame on them!!!

Mike, Norwalk

It is almost comical to watch Oberman and Hannity. Both are fairly accurate at depicting the other side's foopahs. Of course both claim an increase in their own brand of despotism and tyranny would solve all the problems. As per the parameters of the quote, the press has dishonored itself and lost the First Amendment by default.

Waffler, Smith

So Bush and now Obama should release the pictures of the detained prisoners, I guess. Few of us speak or act out of a stream of consciousness, we do not regurgitate every thing that comes across our minds or within our field of vision. We process it, analyse it and assimilate it first. Is this quote to mean that all pictures and news should just run across our screens without the above process, that we all employ.

jim k, austin

If a liberal democrat was caught in a cheap hotel in bed with a goat, the liberal press would put it on page 21 , if they even reported it at all. If an Obama non-believer steps on a crack in the sidewalk, it's page one news.

warren, olathe

Is the press the Dem's puppet or are the Dems the press's puppets.

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Anon    5/15/09

Now that quote is five stars plus for accuracy even if he, Salant, didn't ever say it. Mike, brilliant observation exposing the the same platform for both sides of the coin.

E Archer, NYC

Has the old adage been forgotten: "Don't believe everything you read." That includes not believing everything the press or government publishes in text, audio, or video. The search for truth is as difficult as it has ever been -- and it takes a discerning mind to find it. If the mainstream press will not tell the truth, the truth will find another way...

jim k, Austin, Tx

A follow up to E Archer. Don't believe anything the government tells you.


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