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“In the Jim Crow South, for example, government failed and indeed refused to protect blacks from extra-legal violence. Given our history, it's stunning we fail to question those who would force upon us a total reliance on the state for defense.”

~ Robert J. Cottrol

A Liberal Democrat’s Lament, The American Enterprise, 1999.

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Mike, Norwalk

Here the progressive author relegates government to a third party god with an expected omnipotent presence to do his moral bidding then, questions the lack of questioning his god. It is the blacks that failed to protect themselves from extra-legal violence (even though they started from an EXTREME ! ! ! dis-advantage). It is the people of all colors at present (with advantage), those religious patrons of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, that are so stunningly failing to question those who whould force upon us a total reliance on the state - to whom which are leading the way in extra-legal violence.

dick, fort worth

How can any literate American believe that blacks failed in protecting themselves? My God, the state and its militia crushed and killed blacks for two centuries. Does anyone actually think blacks could really have had a chance to win equality on their own????

Mike, Norwalk

Only in the movies, government controlled media and government falsified history did the government finally step in to make a real difference. YES, I think blacks could really win equality on their own. It was almost uniquely the noble blacks that stood up against unfathomable odds, torture, and death to bring about the level of equality that exists today. The other colors have succumb to the struggle, perseverance and nobility.

J Carlton, Calgary

Government is not interested in protecting our rights...dictating them yes, but not protecting them.


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