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“When books are challenged, restricted, removed, or banned, an atmosphere of suppression exists…. The fear of the consequences of censorship is as damaging as, or perhaps more damaging than, the actual censorship attempt. After all, when a published work is banned, it can usually be found elsewhere. Unexpressed ideas, unpublished works, unpurchased books are lost forever.”

~ Robert P. Doyle

Banned Books 1998 Resource Guide, 1998

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Tina, Rochester

You are wrong

Kate, Redwood City, CA

I completely agree. I'm writing an essay on banned books and am going to use your quote.

James, Halifax

You are wrong, free people can not and have never been able to be trusted with the freedom they so cherish. People on mass are too irresponsible and unintelligent to be given the ability to govern themselves and therefore need the leadership of ONE man/woman to shepherd the flock. History proves this.

JUST JAYE, Libertyville, IL

Let us THINK for ourselves. If not tell us what we should have for meals, who we should marry, when to smile, how to wear our hair - Hey lets just be a ROBOT!


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