Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee, (1807-1870) General-in-Chief of the Confederate States army

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“You must study to be frank with the world: frankness is the child of honesty and courage. Say just what you mean to do on every occasion, and take it for granted that you mean to do right.”

Robert E. LeeRobert E. Lee
~ Robert E. Lee

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Mike, Norwalk

Ahh, a man of his word.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Apropos. Archer challenged me yesterday about whether I stand for anything: My agenda or priortities for public policy is this: 1) Surplus budget for the next 20 years in the range of 300-500 billion to pay off the debt ie tax increases and spending cuts. 2) Agressive green global warming initiative. 3) Increased IRS Audit presence ie. imporved tax law compliance. 4) Stict immigration law enforcement. 5) Policies that will encourage and lead to reduction in national and world wide human populations (current US projection 500 million by 2050). For information on the issue of population and demographics visit the web sites of Negative Population Growth and/or Zero Population Growth. Known as NPG and ZPG these scholarly organizations teach that the main way to save the environment and replenish the planet is to reduce the rate and reverse the growth in human populations.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith, Arkansas 12/18/19

Waffler, I suggest the initialization of NPG and ZPG through negating patrons of aggressive green global warming initiatives and all IRS agents ;-)  hmmm, yeah, a great start!

J Carlton, Calgary

Lee is right on.

Greg, Chichester

Call me a simple country boy Waffler, but when you start talking about policies that regulate who can reproduce and who can't it sounds like man stepping in to Gods place. Sometimes things that sound ok in the cold laboratory of the rational can be positively diabolical at their essence.

E Archer, NYC

I like the quote, but Waffler's comment proves that combined with the ignorance of the one who speaks it, the results could be devastating. I asked Waffler, "Do you stand for anything except being compassionate with other people's money?" -- I guess not. 1) The debt cannot be paid off while we continue to use fiat currency which is itself loaned into circulation -- pay it off, and no money. 2) Read the US Constitution -- the People have not granted the government with the power to 'save the world' -- and for goodness sake, politics is not science. 3) Yes, tax, tax, and tax, that is the leftist creedo. The IRS is just the collection agency for the Fed. 4) If Immigration Law Enforcement means building a 1000 mile Berlin wall, then something is wrong. 5) Genocide. I hope Waffler is among the first to volunteer to sterilize his children and make an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian.

Paul, Union, WA

What Archer said!!!!

Me Again
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    Me Again    6/10/08

    Nice quote but I pesonally don't take ANYTHING for granted anymore.

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    Well damn, I never thought a warm-red-blooded American would ever speak concerning the reduction of human populations. ..shakes head.. Apparently it's been a while since Waffler has taken any courses in urbanization, industrialization, and how the growth population affects the GDP of a nation. Reduction in human population growth? Does anyone else out there realize that Europe is on an industrialized/urbanized population implosion that is devastating the projected GDP and socialized scheme of their countries? Give people the ability of taking care of their own, without any handouts, and you'll quickly realize how fast people will curtail their own population growth. Africa aside, because there are too many externalities to control for to show a difference in application to the United States (or western civilization for that matter), history has shown that there is natural balance to what the earth can hold before it will naturally cleanse itself. Otherwise, you're left supporting a Maoistic "one child policy" of genocide as an alternative plan, or a tax incentive program to NOT have children... Either way, Waffler would either be killing people or spending more money to decrease the future workforce.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    The popuarity of large versus small families has waned and waxed for decades. In the farming communities of the 17 and 18 hundreds large families were necessary. Large families were ones "social security". I am not saying that my embrace of the teaching of these organizations is or will be popular but I do say that my embrace of these teachings is FRANK and based on HONESTY and COURAGE and I mean it in order to do RIGHT. There is no coercion in these policies just education and pleading. NPG states there opinion that the optimal population for the US is 180 million. Check 'em out. As the smartest species that has ever lived on this planet can we do anything less than use our heads. That takes courage Logan. I use to give to these organizations. I don't know all the details but check 'em out and agree with them or fight them whatever your preference. The go go lets all get rich mentality that has led to illegal immigration, cheap restaurant help etcetera is now costing us in large Mexican families with their health care, education needs etc. Yes their is lots of money to be made in the childrens needs business. I think we need a different way of thinking however. Logan you have lived a very sheltered life concerning red blooded Americans, contray to Archer's narrow view of the "collective" we are a diverse and dynamic society of many different government entities, org ideas etcetera. You are wrong about the Maoist policy. Mao exhorted the people to have lots of kids. They performed to his command to such and extent that it caused a popualtion explosion disaster. Now that Mao is gone the current masters are trying to reverse his foolishness. (Finally what do you thing the quality of life will be like in 2050 with 500 million of us.)

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      Anonymous    6/10/08

      Waffler's not a pseudonym for Robert Mugabe is it? Zimbabwe here we come.

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      Now come on Anonymous Planned Parenthood has been teaching this stuff for a hundred years. Grow up and get a grip .

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      Hey Greg I think I owe you a response. These organizations are only teaching org. No different really than Planned Parenthood. I Googled NPG today and found that they have 25000 members. They do things like put posters on campuses and I don't know I guess make presentations and stuff. They just try to inform the public that a voluntary policy of a two child family and much lower immigration will lead to a smaller population and less stress on the old planet. These policies also need to go around the world. There is nothing coerceive or legislated. It is reall I think contrary to the first impression a loving attempt to leave the planet and our country a better place than we found it. The reason it is hard to get people into this because it is attemting to do something that you or I will never see the results of. Like having the vision to plant a forest and wait 20 or 30 years.

      Greg, Chichester

      Hey thanks for the response Waffler, but when you back up your schema with Planned Parenthood idealogy it just goes further down the road that our deathmaking culture has been on for the past sixty years. Deconstruct the messages of Planned Parenthood my friend and you are left with clinical, innocent sounding language that promotes killing babies in the name of convenience and "life style". I don't know if you have fathered children yourself but seeing the miracle of a normal birth, let alone the birth and survival of a premature baby that is at the same stage of development as aborted fetuses makes "choice" ring hollow indeed. Thanks again for the dialogue.

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      RobertSRQ    6/11/08

      The most socialized country has the lowest birth rate - O love the first line "You must study to be frank with the world" Perhaps we should give flat screens to men who................

      Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

      Planned Parenthood in its original form taught I believe parental responsibility. Using a condom is not abortion except I guess to the Pope and his folk.

      E Archer, NYC

      Waffler, your neighbors do not have a right to regulate your right to reproduce. Therefore, our government has no authority to do the same since all power of the government is derived from the people. Population control is population reduction -- i.e. killing and sterilizing people. Such efforts have been underway for quite a while hence the millions of Africans that have died because DDT has been made illegal there, thus millions die from malaria every year. These are some of the great ideas from the population planners. Women in 3rd world countries around the globe are being sterilized. China of course made it illegal to have more than one child for many years -- they export Chinese orphans to the States and Canada. Putting reproduction planning into the hands of a few unelected officials is inviting genocide. I don't see how one can be for population control and national health care -- it simply means we want to reduce the population of the other countries and keep our own populace alive as long as possible at government expense. ?!! It is no less fascism simply because it's a 'good idea.' Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood (originally called the American Birth Control League) and her negative eugenic policies received the support of the Rockefeller's. Once again we see the architects of the New World Order involved in the killing off of millions -- even billions. They want the world population to be around 500 million ... that's a 'reduction' of 5.5 BILLION. And now they have the Wafflers of this world cheering their cause. Just who do you think you are?! You guys should be the first to be euthanized.

      random guy, whoknows were

      I like the quote and think it is awesome. i also think Lee was a great general and that he was bettere than Grant.

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        Abby    10/13/16

        Greg, Waffler is merely parroting the plans for the 21st century for the USA and the World found in the plan: Agenda 21: Earth Summit: The United Nations Programme of Action from Rio Mar 3, 2013 by United Nations (see Amazon). Then look up Christiana Figueres-capitalism and Christiana Figureres-communism, and Christiana Figueres -real reason for climate change. You will see where the US is headed at warp speed with the help of public 'servants' all over the USA from the little council-member up to the Executive of this country. There are no honorable people in the role of public 'servant' these days. They are incapable of critical thought or personal courageous action.


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