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“It is becoming increasingly apparent that many—arguably most—of the problems that plague our nation have been aggravated rather than alleviated by federal intervention. In one area after another, massive infusions of tax dollars have been squandered on false solutions which, when they fail to achieve their stated objectives, are cited to justify even more spending on other futile schemes that result in bigger government. Examples include programs and laws supposedly intended to reduce racial animosity which have instead heightened race-related tensions; welfare schemes that, rather than reducing poverty, have enticed millions of Americans to become dependent on Washington for their daily bread; federal funding (and control) of education, which has spawned a monumental education crisis; a “war” on drugs which has done little to curb drug traffic, but which has eroded many personal liberties; a health-care finance system that has deteriorated as government meddling and regulation have increased; and a masochistic immigration policy larded with false "solutions" that, while failing to stop the inflow of illegal aliens, have paved the way for further government intrusion into the lives of nearly all Americans.”

~ Robert W. Lee

Danger of Government Intrusion, THE NEW AMERICAN, February 19, 1996, p. 53.

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jim k, Austin,Tx

10 stars for this quote.


Mr. Lee has put into words what I have always believed but never could have said or written so consisely.

J Carlton, Calgary

That is the most brief and concise description I have ever seen for why America is going down in flames.

cal, lewisvillke, tx

All hail BIG BROTHER in DC who says he is only looking out for our own good. George Orwell saw it coming.

Mike, Norwalk

Great start on a list that has led to such aggravated wholesale destruction of inalienable liberties and otherwise problems that plague this once land of the free and home of the brave.

Waffler, Smith

These clowns today state not a single idea or solution to the problems that confront us. They are like the new incoming congress that has not a clue about what to do except bash others. Obama and his first Congress took on the health care problem of free loaders who wantonly use hospitals and doctors withour paying for them by requiring that these people at least pay for an insurance premium like most people. For their efforts at responsible policies they get called SOCIALISTS and big government types by clowns like these quoted today. In two years these clowns will be on the chopping block also.

Publius, USA

Waffler, the "solution" to the health care problem passed by Obama and his Congress is a socialists act enforced by a big government. This entire bill is unconstitutional. The Constitution does give Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce, but in no way does it give them the power to enforce commerce. The government has no right to require any citizen to purchase anything, including insurance, from any private entity. Since this power is not granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution, it resides to the States and the People respectively (10th Amendment). The unconstitutionality of this bill makes it an illegal act that betrays the will and interest of We the People and strips the rights guranteed to every American. Yes, they did attempt to fix the problem. But their solution is not lawful; it does not fall within the boundaries clearly expressed in the Constitution, which is the everbinding contract of power between the government and the governed. The failure of this Congress is that they completely ignored the Constitution and proceeded only in their own ideas, disregarding the ideas of the opposing party and the will of the People. Those who offered their vote for this criminal act, did so not to the best interests of their constituents but to aggrandize themselves at the expense to liberty and justice. They have betrayed the most solemn trust in human society for which they are accountable to God and the people. May God have mercy, because the people won't.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, welcome back, you were missed. By the way, what ever happened to that hope and change thing you said was the voice, desire and mandate of the people? Are you or, are most of the people better off since the Democrats have been in the driver's seat of law making since this last 4 year period began? hmmm I guess a lot of people just don't like the effects of socialism (the Democrat's or Republican's version; communism, progressivism, or fascism). You're probably right, the trash will have to be taken out again in 2012. Waffler, do you every foresee a constitutionally limiting representative republic where there is no compelled compliance (including life is illegal unless insured by government mandate), license, victimless crimes, governmental larceny with impunity, and an absolute disregard for the individual sovereign's inalienable rights?

Waffler, Smith

Publius is correct that this Congress and the Democrats tried to do something. That of course is a new concept to Republicans because as I have said they have not got a clue. Publius fails to recognize that the individual does not have the right to break or steal from the government. And that is what they do when they rack up hospital and doctor bills under humanitarian laws and leave the government to foot the bill. This Congress and these first two years of Obama will be remembered as one of the most enlightened in our political history. They did what Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton wanted to do and what Bob Dole worked on for years but could never get done. The people that stopped Harry Truman were southern Democrats that feared that Federal Health Policy would cause the south to have intergrated hospitals etcetera. Mike it would appear from some prognosticators that I will be better off financially at least from this new congress. Some feel that it will be better for business and the stock market. I will personally profit. But there is more to life than my personal profit. And that is where I think you and I and several on this site part company. Most of y'all have little or no ability to see beyond self. This new Congress will not be as great a majority of Republicans as the outgoing was of Democrat. The wheel will turn again. The next two years will be interesting. What Obama and the Democrats lost was the progressive wing which feels that the Democrats did not do enough such as the Public Option. Such issues will be back and so will the Democrats. It is nice to see Publius make a kind word at least about the Democrats "did attempt to fix the problem". More than I can say for Republicans. Don't be fooled this election is not about finding good people on the Republican side but only about knocking better people off of their perceived pedastal. The Democrats failed to remember that "No good deed shall go unpunished." Jesus knew that and took his punishmet and so the Democrats can too. But like Jesus they will be back stonger than ever.

Publius, USA

Waffler, I am puzzled by your complete faith and trust in the Democratic party. Democrats or Republicans, whatever, I myself find all poitical parties equally repulsive and contrary to the cause of liberty. What you fail to recognize is that the Democratic party did not solve the problem. They have magnified it and created a larger problem in which the government believes it has the right to ignore the Constitution. The reason Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, and Clinton were not successful in passing a Federal Health Policy is because it was contrary to public opinion. The difference between now and then is that Obama doesn't care about the will of the people. He and his followers within the government have no concept of governing by the consent of the governed. You fail to realize that the same people that don't pay their medical bills, also will not pay their insurance bills and again the government will be footing the bill. However, I must agree that this time will be remembered as one of the most enlightened in our political history, but not because of what Obama has done, but because of what the People are doing. And please, do not compare this political party with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His Word says "He who does not work will not eat" and " your own bread." 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12. The socialist principles pushed by Obama and his party are far from these Truths and in no way deserve the respect of the comparison.

Waffler, Smith

Yeah it was a lousy comparison. But still "no good deed goes unpunished" is a truth I believe. We don't know fully how the Health Care Bill will work out. A former head of a Blue Cross Blue Shield has praised it. Some Republicans have praised parts of it. While I of course don't know the absolutes about the rightness of "making" people do thngs we certainly have done much of that, requiring folk to pay Social Security Taxes, purchase Auto Insurance, pay for Medicare Insurance. wear seat belts. Why cannot we enforce heatlh inusrance premiumis on the uninsured. I think we can and I think we will and I think we will all then be better off.

Publius, USA

No bad deed goes unpunished is the truth I believe. The main problem with the Health Care Bill is not that we don't know how it will work out, its that we along with our representatives that voted it in, and our president that signed it into law, don't even know what it says. Its over two-thousand pages and reflects on court decisions and precedence from years ago that no one has a complete knowledge of. One would literally need volumes of legal publications throughout history to even slightly interpret this bill. This is the same way dictators strangle the people of their country. They pass laws no one can comprehend, which gives them the ability to make up the rules as they go along. If we allow that to take place here, we will not be better off.

waren, olathe

Waffler you do not have a clue.

Warren, olathe

The solution is almost always removal of government interference. Seldom does the Federal government "help". Most of the problems we have today on a national scale have been exacerbated or in some cases created by government interference, Wafflers beloved Dems are typically at the center of creating a problem then come to the rescue with promises of spending more that their opponents are willing to spend to correct it. Of course at that time, since they own the issue, the last thing they are going to do is create a bill that actually solves anything. That would not be politically wise. The bill will only have a pretty name with the contents intended not to help but to exacerbate the situation. This keeps creating the illusion of working for us when they are actually working against us. The Dems rely on our lack of intelligence and attentiveness to succeed politically. It is apparent that a lot of people have started to wake up. If this trend continues, and is not just a flash in the pan, we may actually see this country restored.

Anonymous, Shelby, Ohio

This is so true, and scary too. Thanks for having the guts to speak the truth.

navy vet
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    navy vet    11/24/14

    The quote is, I suppose, accurate, but I was drawn by thinking "Robert E. Lee"

    Vedapushpa, Bengaluru - India

    Well - this US - 'recipe for disaster' seems to have now become a global problematic...Scrapping corrupt ideologies like 'secularism' 'free meals' 'positive discrimination' have all curbed the individual motivation to 'be and become their best' and even prevented them to 'be an independent citizen' - that thanks to an all too regularized 'vote bank' politics. All these craps should be scrapped forthwith - that will ensure more natural 'equal opportunities'.

    empty pockets, La.

    Reagan said, "Gov't isn't the solution to our problems; gov't is the problem." This quote is "the rest of the story".


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