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“Jena by this time was a center of antitobacco activism -- mainly through the labors of Karl Astel, director of the new institute [Institute for Tobacco Hazards Research] and president, since the summer of 1939, of the University of Jena. Astel was head of the Thuringia's office of Racial Affairs and a notorious antisemite and racial hygienist (he had joined the Nazi party and the SS in July of 1930) ... Astel was also a militant antismoker and teetolater who once characterized opposition to tobacco as a 'national socialist duty.' On May 1, 1941, he banned smoking in all buildings and classrooms of the University of Jena, and the following spring, as head of Thuringia's Public Health Office, he announced a smoking ban in all regional schools and health offices. Tobacco in his view had to be fought 'cigar by cigar, cigarette by cigarette, and pack by pack' -- hence his notoriety for snatching cigarettes from the mouth of students who dared to violate his Jena University tobacco ban.”

~ Robert N. Proctor

The Nazi War on Cancer (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1999), p.209.

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Joe, Rochester, MI

A parallelism with the war on drugs ... blunt by blunt, joint by joint, and plant by plant. The United States is mostly Nationalist Socialist ... Nazi.

E Archer, NYC

Interesting to note that the war on tobacco was a main plank of the Nazis -- like prohibition and the war on drugs. Movements like that help bolster the police state, the perfect tool for fascists.


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