Dr. Ron PaulDr. Ron Paul, (1935-) American physician, US Congressman (R-TX), US Presidential candidate

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“The obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.”

Dr. Ron PaulDr. Ron Paul
~ Dr. Ron Paul

Freedom Under Siege, 1987

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW, what novel concepts, extremely accurate and true.

J Carlton, Calgary

But what about "US Interests"? How will the Banking Elite pillage the world unless we are sending our best and bravest out there to point guns at it? If they aren't installing dictators and manipulating economies...they might have to lay off a few Senators and Congressmen.....Ron Paul is dead right! He received more donations from the military in his run for the Presidency than all the other candidates combined. That should tell you something.

Sledgehammer67, Saco, Maine

These are words to govern by.

cal, lewisville, tx

When I voted for him instead of McCain in the Texas primary others were asking, "Who is he?" Well, they know who he is now as well as his son, Rand.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

And one key to protecting our liberty is to engage in the ills of the rest of the world. Isolationism is not in our personal best interest. So, while the words above are true, the sentiment of the quote is one of isolationism, not effective engagement. (And it says a whole lot when Texans don't know where their representatives are... the rest of the US population is a whole lot more connected to reality and knows... in fact, we know to avoid him like the plague!)

jim k, Austin,Tx

Reston, you say that the rest of the population is more connected to reality than Texas. I think that your problem is that you live to close to to Washington and some of their insanity has infected you.

J Carlton, Calgary

Reston is typically "liberal" in her over reaction. No one is implying isolationism...that's all in HER head. We're saying that we aren't supposed to meddle in internal economic affairs and manipulate foreign politics. And if Reston knows Ron Paul so well, why doesn't she know that he is an advocate of peaceful economic trade with the world?

warren, olathe

Good quote, but I partially agree with Reston. I think he is a bit too isolationist for me. I think we need more like him in Washington to keep a balance within the Republican Party but not as a majority. I think that if his ideas ruled it would cause some serious problems. Unfortunately those problems would pale in comparison to what the Whitehouse has created for us and our coming generations.

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RBESRQ    2/18/11
Popeye, Wichita Kansas

So by the standard set by Rep Paul, you all agree that pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq and perhaps ever South Korea, we could solve the debt and budgetary crisis we are supposedly in or are you all now going to equivocate on your high remarks about the truthfullness of his wisdom? By the way, the remark 'typically "liberal"' is not an argument but a fallacy of logic known as an abusive argumentum ad hominem, used primarily when you have no valid counter argument. I don't agree with Reston for other reasons but it is simply illogical to discount her reason because she is a so-called liberal. Present some facts.

J Carlton, Calgary

"debt and budgetary crisis we are supposedly in" ...Supposedly in? Where ya been?...And by "typically liberal" I mean that Liberalism has become an easily recognizable mental disorder. Which can be generally diagnosed by way of such symptoms as "clinging to utopian ideology that has no ties to reality" or "wishful thinking" or the use of terms like "it's not fair" and standing in large groups chanting moroniuc things like "yes we can, or Zeig Heil"...you know...like that! :)

Popeye, Wichita Kansas

J Carlton: more abusive agrumentum ad hominem is all you got. I will quote from my first post ". . . used primarily when you have no valid counter point." For all your boasts to freedom and liberty, you seem to spout a lot of hatred and unsubstantiated insults. Adds nothing to an intelligent debate, nor to your credibility. Too bad. Answer the question if you dare . . . do you advocate ending the war/occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Mike, Norwalk

Popeye, if that was your question, I absolutely advocate ending the war / occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan ! I also advocate getting out of Korea. That is only a start to getting rid of the debt and budgetary crisis the de facto USA is in. Ceasing all non/anti constitutional alphabet soup agencies would also be an excellent consideration in reducing the debt and budgetary crisis the de facto USA is in. Getting rid of the Fed and moving to a gold backed monetary system would get rid of the dept and budgetary crisis the de facto USA are in. Cease Nazi style stimulus packages, change from a socialist implementation of Keynesian economics to a fiscally lawful system (could even move to an Austrian economics system for starters), and quit nationalizing industries would eliminate the debt and budgetary crisis the de facto USA is in. Move from a statist theocracy to liberty and freedom in an individual sovereign's representative republic, limited by a constitutionally secular government would eliminate the debt and budgetary crisis the de facto USA is in. These answers to your questions couldn't happen over night, in fact, it would be a lengthy process if a total collapse doesn't come first.

Waffler, Smith

Shallow quote indeed! Who says that it it s fact that they "coddle" the world. What does he mean by coddle. How can a "Doctor" be so shallow?

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, great to see you back

E Archer, NYC

Americans cannot afford to fight every one else's wars. Let's be honest: the only reason the US military is in Iraq and Afghanistan is for control of their oil reserves and pipelines. We went into Iraq under the pretence that they were responsible for 9/11 -- later admitted that they were not responsible at all. In fact, if we are to believe the propaganda, Saudi Arabians were responsible for 9/11 -- why are we not at war with the Saudis? We would be done in a day -- they have no defenses. Osama bin Laden is Saudi. Secondly, ONLY Congress can declare war, and no war has been declared since WW2. We have allowed our government to war against foreign nations without the consent of the People. The fact is that Congress and the President know that We the People have no power to stop them from doing ANYTHING. We have relinquished our responsibilities, and the government can do whatever they want with no recourse. Look at the massive debt they are piling on us to buy votes for the next election. Look, if we want to win these wars, we can do it tomorrow like we did in Japan -- BOOM! Weapons of mass destruction? The USA has more weapons of mass destruction than N. Korea, Iraq, Russia, China -- you name it! Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. War is a racket -- it is 1984 all over again...

J Carlton, Calgary

Popeye, yes I do advocate ending the corporate occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm sickened by the use of our best and bravest to advance corporate interests with only the "manufactured " terrorist threat as the excuse for that occupation. As for intelligent debate, we are way beyond that. There is nothing left to debate and the lines between statists and patriots have been drawn. Hatred? Hardly I have nothing but contempt for statists, socialist and communists. Those people are to be despised and ousted from any free society. And Ron Paul is one of the greatest Americans ever to have lived and I stand by that. Arguing with someone who is so blind that he can deny our financial crisis is a waste of time at best.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, what would you call giving billions + of dollars to foreigners (including governments) just to be our friends?

Kimo, Lahaina

I have a headache.........


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