Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams, (1722-1803), was known as the "Father of the American Revolution."

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“Among the natural Rights of the Colonists are these: First, a Right to Life; secondly, to Liberty; thirdly, to Property; together with the Right to support and defend them in the best Manner they can. Those are evident Branches of, rather than Deductions from, the Duty of Self-Preservation, commonly called the first Law of Nature.”

Samuel AdamsSamuel Adams
~ Samuel Adams

The Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and Other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston in Town Meeting Assembled, According to Law. Published by Order of the Town. Oct 1772

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Joe, Rochester, MI

By carrying a concealed handgun, I support and defend life, liberty and property ... mine, my family, my friends, and my neighbors.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Unless you live in the Socialist States of America and you're given a government privilege to carry a handgun (a license), pay your annual government fee to own your own land (property tax), have "safety laws" that destroy the protection of basic inalienable rights, or have a government that allows freedom of "choice" to come into affect only after a women has had sex to when she has become pregnant and kills the fetus. Samuel Adams was right, but we don't have guarded these "natural rights" anymore... We're truly on one destructive slippery slope.

Alan Hagerman, Wellsboro, Pa

I think this is a wonderful quote. It clears up the term "pursuit of happiness" to mean property. Of course, property should be defined and understood to be real and personal property (including financial and intellectual). This definition of our Declaration of Independence is made more complete with the next line....."That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the gtoverned." And the next "That whenever any government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it." These precious words outline rights given by God and not by man and fertilized with the precious blood, sweat and tears of those who gave (some gave all) to preserve them for themselves and their posterity. ... " Mr Bush, our founding documents are NOT "just G.......d pieces of paper". Your words and your actions have greviously violated the oath you have sworn at least twice before God. Your duty is to represent us and to SECURE our rights! It is NOT to violate them by imposing tyranny and subjugation to an Earth Charter under a Communist United Nations. We have no king but Jesus.

Emma, Fairfax, VA

It is a amazing, lifting quote, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous, Texas

I think that this is a great quote. These are the three basic natural laws that everyone should be entitled to.

Maria Warman, Sapulpa

This Quote IS a Strong Belief displayed for all to see that Sam Adams was a true american at heart

Kate, Murphy

Good Quote!

Patriot58, San Diego, CA

If only the average American citizen would acknowledge and understand this simple statement...

David Osborne, Tallahassee, Florida

This QUOTE has been adopted and is a rally cry for Now let's GOOOH David

J Carlton, Calgary

Life, Liberty, Property...the three things despised by socialists and communists everywhere. must be exactly what we support as a nation. A nation of motivated, innovative, productive people...not a nation of Big Brother worshipping sheep. Restore the Republic.

cal, lewisville, tx

You are right J Carlton. Self preservation and these tools to do so is what built this nation.

jim k, Austin, Tx

I'm with J and Cal on this one.

Mike, Norwalk

Life, liberty, and property, as here narrowly expressed, make up the de jure Constitutionals singularly limiting jurisprudence of authority, power, and ability. Said de jure scope is the enabling subject matter at which the executive, legislature and judicial may lawfully act. Compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, and larceny with impunity are clearly outside the lawful, legitimate, and just jurisdiction of the representative republic's de jure compass of jurisdiction. The time is at hand when the natural rights of man needs be once more supported and defended against the occupying statist theocracy that is infesting this land.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 5/27/24

RIGHT(S): “right”; is an eternally actionable warrant, facilitating a most base particle’s just mechanics and/or performance. Right(s) is an inherent, inviolate, just and omnipresent component / factor / attribute, composing matter’s structure of expression - bonding / sealing the “be” to the “do” (law existing as the ultimate and final “do”) A right is a single being’s just ability to commit any act that does not infringe on another’s right. It could be said that "right" is a footprint of energy.

“You have Rights antecedent to all earthly governments: Rights, that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; Rights, derived from the Great Legislator of the universe.” (John Adams) Rights, exude from a most base material source -from the inside out. Rights are first recognized as unalienable / inalienable sources of action (“⋯ which cannot be lawfully transferred from one person to another.” (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary)). Unseen rights, as are interacted with from the outside-in are distinguished as a principle(s). “Human rights are not a privilege conferred by government. They are every human being's entitlement by virtue of his humanity.” (Mother Teresa)

Right translates from such Hebrew scripture as the masculine noun מִשְׁפָּט “ mišpāṭ” (pronounced “mish-pawt') meaning: judgment, justice, rectitude, virtue or an inviolate attribute. From a position of justice, right is matter's unalienable free will to choose. A relating Greek feminine noun translated into “right” is is ἐξουσία “exousía”, (pronounced “ex-oo-see'-ah”). “Exousia” means: nature’s endowed ability, entitlement, natural privilege or strength – possessed or exercised; the being’s ability, authority and power of choice / to choose; the innate liberty of doing as one pleases; just abilities, authority and power superior to corporeal man’s control or oversight; an individual’s inherent sovereign faculty – i.e., ability, authority and power to express oneself by executive, legislative, judicial or other miens. It may be said that each joint heir with Christ is at liberty and free to exercise just and palpable right(s).

Calvin Cline, Harrison

The right of gun ownership and the right to vote is my only defence against government terror. The 525 government power mongers would not think twice about using their guns to keep power.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Calvin Cline, Harrison 5/27/24

Calvin, by definition, voting is not a right as, it entails a third party enactment and does not restrain itself to just actions. Voting is a duty (every bit as valid through to an end intent) but simply, not a right. Other than that, you are absolutely correct, voting and the means of rights expression(s) are essential elements of existence and self preservation.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 5/27/24

On the other hand, NO party (individual, in concert or otherwise) may exert a so-called "right" to disallow an heir to the Eternal King's inviolate / imperative ability to vote. Carnal gods, through their anti-justice Orders, Rulings and Judgments / philosophy of men edicts erroneously believe they have an authoritative right and justification to selectively disallow a nobleman's vote  they do NOT! ! !

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    7/6/18

We try really hard in America to get along, But, when enough is shovel our way, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, loving we might be, we are the most staunch , dogged individuals on planet earth. Given the RESPONSIBILITY to Uphold the HIGH Ground, for the least among the people on planet earth. Back Off and get along, OR there is no other dance than to Dance. Peace is a Frame of Mind. Opportunity awaits for those with any Commonsense !! Home Or Abroad. 

Robert Edwards, somewhere in the USA

But first you must genocide the indigenous population. Once achieved, we can do the same to the rest of the world....

E Archer, NYC

"Those are evident Branches of, rather than Deductions from, the Duty of Self-Preservation, commonly called the first Law of Nature."

Right on!  The nation was built upon these principles.  To alter them is to remove the foundation.  There are still too many people who wish to rule the world  ignoring this simple fact people can become apathetic and lazy in their 'Duty of Self-Preservation.'  The mistake is delegating personal responsibility to the community/state, and that only happens when someone tries to become the authority to which all must obey.  Why is there a Duty of Self-Preservation?  Because we live in a dog-eat-dog world, and that will NEVER change.  Every animal is responsible for protecting itself, and most are ever wary for predators.  The denial of predators in the human world is an ignorance one cannot afford.


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