False Sarah Brady Quote

“Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”

~ Sarah Brady

supposedly to Sen. Howard Metzanbaum, The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3
Falsely attributed according to:

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Joe, Rochester, MI

The U.S. was a Federal Republic, but is now socialist. This quote is completely the opposite of the Second Amendment. When the people are disarmed, we will all be slaves to the government.

Sheree, Greeley

Does Sarah Brady think that there are only a select few of our citizens who are capable of thinking? She sounds more like a dictator when she refers to "when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed." She obviously does not understand or agree with our wise Founding Fathers of our great country. I'm sorry for her tragedy but that doesn't mean that every citizen in this country is bad. It was a person who caused her tragedy - not the weapon. Put the blame where it belongs!!

Anonymous, houston

the quote is from 1986 not a fake from 1994.

Jeff82, Hampton Roads

"It's true! It's true! Our good friends at the California Rifle and Pistol Association stuck to their guns, did their homework and won vindication. The following is a statement released by CRPA: Setting the Record Straight The Western Regional Director of Handgun Control, Inc., has contacted the California Rifle and Pistol Association in Sacramento regarding the quote reportedly attributed to Sarah Brady by the January, 1994,"The National Educator" magazine which was referenced in the January issue of The Firing Line. HCI states that "the quotation you attribute to Ms. Brady is a complete fabrication..." It was asked that CRPA publish a retraction in the next issue of The Firing Line (March 2000). There are very few copies of the January 1994, "The National Educator" magazine known to be available in public libraries. CRPA was able to locate one at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library and obtained a copy of the quote in question. The quote, as published in "The National Educator," is not precisely as was referenced in The Firing Line. What the quote in "The National Educator" magazine does say is the following: "Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed." According to "The National Educator" magazine, Sarah Brady made this statement to U.S. Senator Howard Metzenbaum while lobbying in support of a ban on semi automatic firearms. We regret any confusion this may have caused."

Ken, Long Island

At least she stated what they really think!

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Lee    12/8/07

"The enemy within."

George, Cave Junction

I can rant... Short and blunt! They're hypocrites and Mentally ill. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. "Knowledge is Power." It's easier to control the People if they are not only dumbed down but also if they control The resources and The Land, thus they control the People!. (They're Communists or socialists.) Regardless it's all a form of tyranny..

Alex, Another town, another country.

I think Americans are still all screwed up from their Boston Tea Party days. They are paraniod about government and socialist while at the same time having socialist military systems. Advice to all of you. You can't see the picture when you are inside the frame.

Anonymous, Buffalo, NY

Hate to say it, but its true. Think about it, throughout history, when people are dominated by the government, whether conquered or revolution, the first freedom to be removed is the freedom to keep arms. But to what end? In the US, if 300 million people suddenly lost the right to self defense, the government could do as it pleases. The first politician to take guns from Americans will be the next Caesar. If you love your freedoms, you must also learn to fire a weapon and fight for them.

Colosseo, Alpharetta

She is right and all of you who disagree are naïve and blind because history foretells the future!

John, Billy-burg

Colosseo, We're not disagreeing with Sarah, we believe she is absolutely correct in saying that disarmament will assist in enslaving the American people under socialism. We just don't agree with her belief that innocent, peaceful Americans should be disarmed.

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Jim    2/16/09

Another socialist spouting off.

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    Anonymous    3/11/09

    I think the entire world would be better off without weapons, but why should just the people who resist us disarm? Shouldn't our country disarm, too?

    Jeremiah, Topeka

    Mrs. Brady is correct in her reasoning. If the public is disarmed, slavery in the guise of socialism (it looks good on paper!) is inevitable to succeed. To the poor, mislead soul who said "shouldn't our country disarm, too?", that would be contradictory to Mrs. Brady and her agenda(s). Her point is to force socialism onto the people through the military/police seizure of weapons. Although guns can only destroy, if it wasn't guns, it would be some other weapons. I am conflicted as to rate this a thumbs down becaues of my beliefs, or a five because of Brady's factuality. Therefore, my rating will be moderate.

    D. Bunker, Truthville

    The now defunct "National Educator" newspaper published this "quote" in error. While the words may reflect the goal of Brady's organization, there is no evidence that she uttered or wrote them. Such a polarizing and sensational quote, if legitimate, would have appeared in every newsletter of every Second Amendment group worldwide. It did not.

    Dude, UK
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      Dude, UK    8/26/09

      Guns slinging Americans are scarily ignorant and dangerous.

      Bob, jersey
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        Bob, jersey    9/7/09

        Dude from U.K. you say those words so foolishly. I would much rather stand with ignorant and dangerous gun slingers than stand with sniveling cowards that accept involuntary servitude as freedom. I was wondering did they outlaw pointy objects yet in the U.K.? you people are a joke

        Orrie, NJ
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          Orrie, NJ    10/10/09

          Without the means to defend ourselves from people like Brady we will all find ourselves in some Fema Camp. Hitler disarmed those he didn't like also and where where did they end up?

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          Anonymous    12/11/09

          Another POS socialist.

          Michael, Parsons, WV

          Yes, and Amen! Hitler took aim at the "undesireables" in Germany and first stripped them of their rights. Read the history of Nazi Germany and what the Nazis did to the Poles, the Gypsys, the physically and mentally infirm, not to mention the Jews. Once they were beaten into submission, they were herded off to concentration camps. We all know what happened next. I'm not saying that America will go down that road, but people should know what a slippery slope we are on.

          Bob Norfb, Dandridge

          Free people own guns, slaves do not. Government should fear the people. Citizens of the GB need to study the history of their country before they open their mouths and insert foot. England is THE most violent and aggressive country from 1100 AD up to around 1900. They invaded more foreign countries and killed more private citizens than anybody this side of hitler and stalin. Death by vivisection, burning at the stake, impalement, drawing and quartering....What a genteel nation.

          bob, Phoenix

          I think if Sarah Brady's agenda revolved around any thing but disarming the citizens of America her and her husband who has played the victim for over 30 years now would be setting in a federal prison.

          Chris, Washington, DC

          Contrary to what my contemporaries below think,America is not a socialist state.. Step back and think about it a minute - we help those of us who need assistance (much of which my contemporaries will also use themselves at one point in their lives). Apart from helping our own citizenry, what is socialist? Please tell me.

          Anonymous, Carlsbad

          Federal Laws that mandate banks make loans to people who can't afford them is not free enterprise, it's socialist legislation. Read up on the CRA from the Carter Administration. Fannie and Freddie are both unconstitutional enterprises and willingly complicit in both CRA and the inevitable bubble that burst in the housing market. With a potential commercial real estate bubble to follow yet to come. Runaway taxes and welfare programs propped up by ever increasing inflation and devaluation of the national currency are trademarks of the socialist society. Honestly Chris, what more do you need to call the liberal agenda National Socialism? The 2nd Amendment is the guarantee of all of the others. The gun rights enthusiasts know this, and for sure the liberal and socialist movements know it too, but the more people drink the kool-aid the further they get their campaign of lies and destroying America from inside. Brent

          anonymous, somewhere else

          Hitler couldn't have said it better himself, after all he did disarm the jews before he gassed them, or is that too touchy of a subject? We should learn from history rather than just keep believing it can never happen again, because not only is that NAIVE, but its also just plain stupid, guess what politicians now are no better than before, i'd say morals are going down if anything and the people are turning more into sheep that just take whatever the govt decides to shove up their a*s each day. And i think her husband dying was gods work to keep this world from being slightly more screwed up, not only was he a complete dictating as*hole, but she deserved that kind of suffering for just trying to force peoples rights and lives down the drain for a useless cause thats none of her dam business (and btw id also say govt bailouts to aig, gm and whatever other big company obama wants to suck up to is fairly socialist, let em plummet, nobody will miss them and there will be a new company to capitalize off their losses) Also not only is their a possibility that their could be a next hitler, people such as the ones supporting this after reading this quote PROVE that this is a likely possibility for the future, as she is a dictator and people still support her. Real democrats don't propose a ban to disarm the population to push their agenda further, and if anyone actually does try to make this ban real, many lives will pay for it, that is the only guarantee. And it wont just be the gun owners, this could easily seperate the military as they would have to choose between shooting their own friends and family or turning around and killing their officers and soldiers. The idea is stupid, only the insane or sheep-like police and military officers would go along with such an idea, because the majority are likely to come from gun owning families, and the rest probably don't know how to shoot as good as the general public, so maybe it would in the favor of gun owners in the end for them to push such laws, so that they will finally end the insanity of their politics by forcing a war that could come back to end them

          Dan, SomewhereInMichigan

          My ACTUAL rating for the quote: -1000000000000.... (You get the point) Seriously, people AGREE with this Sarah Brady quote? You REALLY need to screw in your heads correctly. The whole theory of this quote is in DIRECT violation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Yeah, James Brady (Sarah's husband, also a gun control activist) says that guns "are good for target practice, but for self defense, that's why we have police." So, James, are you saying that the police will ALWAYS be there if some crack-head breaks into my house, wielding a Glock? What if the police don't arrive in time? So I'm just gonna have to settle with being DEAD? Yeah, great job...

          Republican, America
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          Republican, America Dan, SomewhereInMichigan 3/13/20

          The police, in fact, have no obligation to protect you.

          Dan, SomewhereInMichigan

          @Dude from U.K. The reason I own a gun is so that when the types of people you described (AKA criminals, found ALL OVER THE WORLD) give me issues, instead of giving them the middle finger, I can give them the trigger finger.

          Dan, SomewhereInMichigan

          @Colosseo You failed World History back in Elementary School, didn't you? Because history proves how Brady's quote leads to bad, bad shit. For example, Hitler (SOCIALIST) disarmed his country before embarking on his campaign against the Jews, which leads to World War II (Oh my, a WORLD War? That must be important!) Please actually read the books of history before using it as a reference.

          Gabriel the messenger, Red Blood USA

          Basically this boils down to what you define as wrong. And please remember you read this the next time a politician says "If your not doing anything wrong then you don't have anything to worry about". Currently the accepted synonyms for wrong are: illegal, unlawful, illicit, criminal, dishonest, dishonorable, corrupt; unethical, immoral, bad, wicked, sinful, iniquitous, nefarious, blameworthy, reprehensible; informal crooked
          "I've done nothing wrong"
          But in many countries including the good old USA it has been wrong to be driving while black (USA). Smoking a peace pipe while being a native American (USA). Jewish while under Nazi rule (Germany and controlled countries). Christian when Islam was marching across Europe. Not agreeing with numerous dictators throughout time. If you think that giving up being able to defend yourself against powerful people is a good idea you better NEVER EVER be WRONG.


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