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“As the world goes, right is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.”

~ Thucydides

The Peloponesian War, Book V, section 89

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Mike, Norwalk

too sad, too accurate - might makes right (gun control is just another example of the above quote; Russia and China are more than willing to to help the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land to disarm the populace so that the weak may suffer at ever increasing levels.)

E Archer, NYC

Same as it ever was. The Constitution is mute and without constituency -- it is just an illusion. Public opinion/belief is what the rulers use to justify every breach of trust and broken laws. From the 1st amendment through the 10th, all have been ignored -- what part of "Congress shall make no law" do the People not understand? There is no check against unconstitutional laws -- it was supposed to be the States via the Senate and their state governments, but now all are beholden to the debt foisted upon them by Washington DC and can do nothing without crashing their state economies. But the belief in the Constitution is strong enough to keep the masses from revolt -- but it is merely smoke and mirrors. The People are greater in force than the government and thus supposed to keep it in check, but the minds of most Americans have been poisoned with lies and deceit designed to make us feel powerless and thus inexperienced in standing up for ourselves. If only the People could focus their power to the real source of tyranny instead of fighting with each other over sex, drugs, money, and religion. All we end up doing is disempowering ourselves and pouring our energies and wealth into the coffers of the ruling class.


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