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“The United States must cultivate a mental view toward world settlement after this war which will enable us to impose our own terms, amounting perhaps to a pax-Americana.”

~ U.S. Department of State

Minutes S-3 of the Security Subcommittee, Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policy, 6 May, 1942, Notter File, Box 77, Record Group 59, Records of the Department of State, National Archives, DC.

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Mike, Norwalk

A disgusting thumb down is all I desire to here comment.

E Archer, NYC

It has been the intent of the US government to 'take over the world' for many decades -- and it appears that the American people are fine with it -- afterall we have been conditioned to believe that "we're number one" since early childhood.

Joe, Rochester, MI

The phrase "...which will enable us to impose our own terms..." is greatly disturbing. Definitely communist and socialist mentalities. And probably one reason our country is called a democracy instead of a Republic!

Dick, Fort Worth

Ditto Mr. Archer. But, Joe, with due respect, have you ever looked up the definition of fascism in the encyclopedia? It's very interesting to compare the meanings of fascism, socialism and communism.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Another FDR policy that's led us down a merry road to utopia. I do have to wonder, however, what the alternative might have looked like.

Will, Dallas, TX

If the United States wanted to take over the world, it would have (and could have) in 1990. The United States liberates people it does not subjugate them. So take your America hating foolishness and shove it up your ass.


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