Vermont Declaration of Rights Quote

“That frequent recurrence to fundamental principles, and a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty, and keep government free. The people ought, therefore, to pay particular attention to these points, in the choice of officers and representatives, and have a right to exact a due and constant regard to them, from their legislators and magistrates, in the making and executing such laws as are necessary for the good government of the State.”

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Mike, Norwalk

He that forgets history is doomed to relive it. I love the thought that those fundamental principles of liberty keep raising their head even though man keeps trying to educate and legislate them out of existence.

E Archer, NYC

We the People need to get off our asses and exercise our right to "exact a due and constant regard" to fundamental principles. The problem is that too few people know what those principles are!

Stan, Richmond

The Vermont constitution's first article outlaws slavery in Vermont. These words set the foundation for the tolerance and moderation that, for the most part, have characterized Vermont's communities and politics. I am proud to be a native Vermonter!

John Wilson, Memphis

"Freedom is the absence of legislation"---Merrill Jenkins, Monetary Realist (1919-1979) author of 7 books. The first was "Money", The Greatest
Hoax On Earth" 42 years out-of-print but still available on Free on the web find "Free Money" to sample his writing.

cal, Lewisville, Texas

Strange. I understand that Vermont is a heavily legislated and high tax state as compared to it's neighbor New Hampshire.

Denise, Durango

This hits heavily on a sentence in our Constitution...."Of the people, By the people and For the people." It means what it says. But it seems no one wants to hear that.

"We the People" elect so-called legislators who promise the moon and stars, then happily go on our way with life as usual. This government has become a dictatorship because the majority of Americans are to busy pursuing the American dream, the house, two cars, best schools for the kids etc. and in a Republic that's a good thing...but we've lost our Republic. To be involved in holding elected reps to task takes time, it takes contacting them, going to meetings, call, write, if necessary annoy the hell out of them. Go to their office when they're in and sit on their steps if necessary. It can also get you on their "enemy of the state" list...which begs the question IF our elected reps truly represent us why do we get put on lists for holding them accountable?
A scripture from God's word summed it up centuries ago: "The heart is wickedly deceptive." Politicians get in the rarified DC air, get bought and paid for and do what those in "charge" tell them to do...the constituents can pound sand.
Ben Franklin was asked what was the best form of government, his reply: "A Republic if you can keep it."
"The Tree of Liberty must, occasionally, be refreshed with the  blood of Patriots."


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