VoltaireVoltaire, [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778) French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher

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“The monster, fanaticism, still exists, and whoever seeks after truth will run the risk of being persecuted.”

~ Voltaire

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jim k, austin,tx

A good example is global warming fanatics and how they stifle any opposing view. They have their agenda and aren't interested in searching for the truth. Fanatic is just another word for "control".

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

To be open minded and to listen is to the fanatic a sure sign of dementia, fickleness or wishy washyness. I chose the name Waffler just to indicate my openess. Those people who have crossed the line, chosen sides whether it be the virulent anti-government cop haters, or the "US is a Republic not a democracy" crowd or those who put their heads in the sand to avoid unpleasant and inconvenient truths of scientific facts have nothing left in argument but to persecute. Jim fanatic is defined as "unreasonable zeal". What do the global warming messangers have to gain personally by spreading their message. It is a sad state of affairs this global warming and many don't like the bearers of bad news like Al Gore. The fanatics are those who are "inordinately and unreasonably enthusisastic" in opposition to the science for their own selfish reasons.

E Archer, NYC

It is sad to say that we are often quick to judge those who challenge our well-ingrained beliefs. Science and religion are not absolutes -- truth is absolute, and frankly few have the stomach for seeking it. It is just another example of how we bind ourselves instead of liberating ourselves. The more we have invested in a particular belief system, the more we have to lose. A lifetime of delusion is easier than the bitter pill of reality.

J Carlton, Calgary

To me, a fanatic is someone who keeps going long after the cause is lost or forgotten. Or in the case of the Goreacle, St. Suzuki and their followers...misguided.

warren, olathe

It is the ultimate in ignorance to believe in man made global warming. There is no science in it what so ever. Never has been any evidence to support the ludicrous claim. Al Gore is getting rich off of his propaganda. Ever heard of carbon credits. He is dishing out the fear and raking in the cash. Money for nothing. He is well paid for playing a fool. If he actually believed in the tripe he would not have one of the biggest "carbon footprints" of any one in this country. He uses more energy heating his indoor swimming pool and attached mansion than you could imagine. He rides around in a gas guzzling limousine every where he goes. Private jets and any thing else wasteful. He says it's ok because he buys carbon credits from a company that he owns. If his pollution warms the planet how does his dollars cool it back down? If it did, he could just not pollute and buy the credits anyway. Then maybe he would have some kind of credibility. Some like Ed Begley Jr. actually walk the walk. I can respect them even if they are misguided, but Al Gore is no more than a con artist. The whole Global warming hoax is nothing more than another in a long list of attacks on the free enterprise system in general and the United States in particular. Just another vehicle to usher the world towards totalitarian socialism.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Hey Warren, Gore's nemesis Bush II believes in global warming and the GOP I believe has a plank on global warming. Why I ask you why did these people take so long to get on board, and why or why are you not on board yet. Have you no faith in Colleges and Universities around the world and those who are trained in such things. Well neither did the ignorant during the days of Copernicus, Gallileo and Columbus have any fatih either. It don't take faith Warren it takes knowledge and you obviously have none on this issue.

Mike, Norwalk

the wafflers and other slaves claim an open mindedness when there is always another substantiveless argument against freedom and liberty and away to persecute truth seekers.

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    Anonymous    5/20/08

    Great spirits have always encountered voilent opposition from mediocre minds. A. Einstien


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