Justice Warren E. BurgerJustice Warren E. Burger, (1907-1995) Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1969-1986)

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“There are many prices we pay for freedoms secured by the First Amendment; the risk of undue influence is one of them, confirming what we have long known: Freedom is hazardous, but some restraints are worse.”

Justice Warren E. BurgerJustice Warren E. Burger
~ Justice Warren E. Burger

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Charley Dan, denver

So true. .. being ridiculed. ostracized. Etc. And more. ..

Mike, Norwalk

The quote is a compilation of truths, half truths and lies, bringing to mind the old adage; the devil will tell you a thousand truths to make you believe one lie. There are many prices to pay for freedom(s), whether it be the First Amendment or otherwise (personal responsibility, time and energy spent discovering natural law, justice and right(s), etc. are examples of those prices) True freedom, being an extension of natural law, justice, inalienable rights, etc. is not hazardous as here expressed. Restraints to freedom are despotic and tyrannous crimes. By way of a terse example of crimes against freedom, law, justice and rights are compelled compliance, licenses, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity (funny money, income / property tax, etc.), and acts against individual inalienable rights. Freedom of speech is taught in government schools as what is politically correct and that which advances the occupying statist theocracy's dogmas and agendas.

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    Abby    7/22/13

    5 stars for Mike's answer

    E Archer, NYC

    Yes, the statist party line is still propped up while trying to defend the 1st Amendment. Mike, you have some very valid points. Any 'right' can be abused when the responsibility that goes with that right is ignored. Free speech means that some will lie and deceive. The right to carry arms means that some will shoot others without cause. Freedom is hazardous to those that seek to control or compel others. Freedom of religion means that even radical Islamic ideas are protected -- I suppose medieval Catholicism was just as radical. Freedom from having to accept lies as truth, from having to obey coercive statutes, to defend oneself -- all are hazardous. Life is hazardous, and we do ultimately end up dead. I think what Burger was trying to say was that some ideas are dangerous to the 'order' but trying to control or censor those ideas have dangers of their own -- consider 'Hate Crime' laws which seek to chill speech that threatens 'order.' With hate crime laws, Thought Crimes are not far off


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