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“Ancient Rome declined because it had a Senate, now what's going to happen to us with both a House and a Senate?”

Will RogersWill Rogers
~ Will Rogers

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jim k, austin

Taxation without representation may have been bad, but it seems to be even worse with representation. I don't see it improving much with the current crop of duds in our congress and in the oval office.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

This type of "humour" is extemely trite and unhelpful. If that is the kind of respect we give these people I would not expect them to respect the American people in return. The problem as always is not the admirable people but the art and need for compromise and agreement. Compromise makes us all look foolish but is what greases the wheel of our great democracy.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Good for a quick laugh, but not even any real insight into the problems and challenges he was throwing stones at.

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RBESRQ    1/29/09

It doesn't matter what you call it when you have greed and corruption driving the process. I am writing a book on Ethics so any help you can provide will be much appreciated. I think this is a good blog for this request. I know we differ in our views and opinions but I believe your hearts are in the right place and in the end that's what matters. My reason is simple - just look around you and there is your answer. please pass on your positive contribution (no negative stuff) to robken16@gmail.com Thank you...Robert P.s. The quote it is trite but I give it two stars for the question still remains

E Archer, NYC

Yes, well, what happens when the Democratic party controls the Executive and both houses of Congress? Runaway deficit spending -- i.e. more unpayable debt. more theft of the people's labors and property, and the nationalization of Amerika. Hitler's rise to power was with the National Social Democratic party (i.e. NAZI) before he even started waging war upon Germany's own citizens and neighboring countries. Keep that in mind all of you clamoring for nationalization of banks and industries in the name of 'social change' and 'democracy' -- all you are doing is setting us up for a dictatorship and a police state, maybe not Obama but the next guy or the one after will have too much power to resist. Once the people are propertyless (i.e. in debt for everything) and disarmed (i.e. no right to defend oneself against the government) that will be it.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

As Shakespeare knew and apparently Archer does not, a name does not change what somenthing really is. Calling a rose a skunk cabbage will not change its fragrance and calling Hitler or his party democratic does not make it so. He never was democratically minded nor was his party. The fact that Archer is so easily duped should make us all wonder!

warren, olathe

Not to mention the coming legislation for the forceful silencing of conservative opinion. Waffler you are the poster boy for the duped.

warren, olathe

This is the most reprehensible congress and president this country has ever had.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler does not understand the distinctiton between 'national' and 'federal' government nor will he acknowledge that a 'nationalist social democracy' is indeed the structure for fascism -- but don't take my word for it, do your own research. Socialist dictators were able to dupe the people because all power was centralized in a national government sovereign over its people. America was not established that way at all -- in fact quite the opposite, whereby We The People are the sovereigns and our state and FEDERAL governments are our subjects, not the other way around. The nationalization of industry into government-controlled monopolies is what the communists and fascists did preceding WW2. Just keep it up, and we will find that the US government is becoming the Nazis of the 21st century -- and the American people are just as duped as the Germans were during Hitler's reign.

Mike, Norwalk

Archer is spot on. Waffler look at Hitler's play book (what he did and how he did it) The play book looks an awfully lot like the donkey and elephant's play book, especially since our recent nationalist coronation. jim, a slight adaptation to what you wrote: Once again the individual sovereign has no representation. The once sovereign has become a helot to vote for representatives of a foreign despot, not themselves. Once the individual loses the concept that the Senate, House, government in general, etc. is not an entity, but merely a group of individuals acting out natural law and justice, government being servants - not leaders or masters, our declining civilization will reverse itself.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Hitler did not believe in democracy. Anybody who thinks that is a complete fool. Yesterday you same folks were lavishing praise on that Pennsylvania Banker Nazi who was poisioned. Do people claim to be democratically minded in order to get ahead, probably. Using a party label and believing in and practicing democratic values are totally different things. Hitler came to power for one purpose only and that was to be a right wing death squad for his enemies. His entire agenda was based on hatred for others, as we see in the right wingers of today from skinheads, Aryan Nation, ad infinitem.

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    Anonymous    1/29/09

    Keep government local. It's easier to get your hands on them.


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