William M. Anderson, Jr. Quote

“The intellectually stifling results of censorship -- while deplorable in any setting -- would be all the more abominable if allowed to exist within the college environment.”

~ William M. Anderson, Jr.

Letter, 7 December 1983

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Dougmcr8, Virginia

Right...it's not "abominable", only deplorable, to kill people for what they believe to intellectually stifle dissent; it's abominable if college kids and lunatic professors can't rant.

warren, olathe

The killing of the freedom of speech and thought on the college campus is abominable.

J Carlton, Calgary

Having a Politically Correct education makes education pointless. The statement is good, its just way too late.

Mike, Norwalk

Absolutely, the quote, warren, and J Carlton. All said well

E Archer, NYC

The college campus is and always has been the incubation chamber of free thought and dissent. Kids get tired of listening to BS year after year -- once they get to college they are ready to strike back.


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