William GodwinWilliam Godwin, (1756-1836) English journalist, political philosopher and novelist

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“Government will not fail to employ education to strengthen its hands and perpetuate its institutions.”

William GodwinWilliam Godwin
~ William Godwin

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Mike, Norwalk

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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RBESRQ    1/14/09

Government doesn't want educated people they wants morons - the ide behind this statement is incorrectly expressed there should be a word between employ and education like "little" or "mediocre". This is why educational reform is imperative.

jim k, austin

It would be more accurate to change"education" to "public schooling"in the quote.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Proof positive that education is not in trouble today. This man said this circa 1800. So those that think US education has taken some kind of unending downward spiral should read this carefully. The problem is not with education but with most of y'alls attitudes.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, just for clarity, you're saying the problem isn't: the method or type of teaching being done, that - there is less quantity and quality of real knowledge and creativity being offered, socialist dogmas reigning supreme, goal achievement for the at large populations' dumbing down, etc., etc., etc.; but rather the problem is my attitude, especially knowing I'm not involved in strengthening or perpetuating government's institutions of propaganda? hmmm

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

The first objective of conquest is to control communications, The 6th plank of Marx;s Communist Manifesto called for control of communications and transportatiom while the 10th called for free educadtion in public schools. All ten planks were fully or partly enforced HERE by bankers, lawyers, judges, journalistd and deluded jurors BEFORE we lost 110,000 of our finest in Asia under the pretext of "halting communist expansion.

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

The perfidious press prints only what they want us to believe and universities teach only what they want us to believe. In the past ten days, the Associated Press prevaricators wants us to believe that the loss of lives of Americans in Iraq was less than 2 a day for 2400 days but the truth came from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs who 6 months ago said the total was 72,000. See: www.morpix.biz/iraq

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

What the quote proves Mikhail is that people are always bitching about education. To get your head on straight try googling "Golden Apple Awards" etc. There are wonderful things going on in education everyday. Some inner city kid gets straigth A's and goes to Harvard etc. The kids in my town could care less about A's all the boys want to do is shoot deer and hogs and catch catfish. Are not all of these life styles part of being free. You want to make every one an A student and Yale Graduate. What inanity that would be. Thank God for diversity.

Mike, Norwalk

I guess to answer this most accurately, a definition and standard of what education is must be made clear. Less math, science, language, accurate history, reading and writing are being offered in theocratic seminaries (government schools) than had previously been offered. More hours are spent in implementing confusion (a dumbing down common core for example), causation of public Stockholm Syndrome (too early sex education for example), anti-social skills and socialistic / progressive religious dogma. The definition of education is changing so that socialist dogmas will reign supreme and goal achievement for the at large populations' dumbing down - bringing about obedient societies of immoral helots, serfs and slaves.

Ronw13, Oregon

So Very Well Said, Mike, Norwalk. !! Mike, you would be a Good Secretary of Education ! Godwin speaks out against "aristocratic privilege" and the dumbing down of serfs and slaves.

E Archer, NYC

My home-schooled children are in college now. My daughter was accepted to university but switched to college after a year because she was years younger than her classmates but years ahead in math and other subjects. She wanted to be with students her own age, so went to 'college'. She enjoys the socialization, that's what there is most there. She has chosen new fields of study to keep it interesting. But for sure, public education is designed to create an employee mindset that obeys without questioning. She is now exposed to all manner of craziness -- she has a transgender friend who is suicidal and has been consoling her/him. Man, so many kids' minds have been twisted by public education.

Mary - MI

The U.S. institution of public education elate all those who desire the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.
The Public Schools have filled young minds with the idea that "feelings" are far superior to cognitive and thoughtful objective reasoning.
This last presidential election has proven that the public school institutions and colleges, fed off of our tax dollars are turning young adults into complete emotional government dependency of thought by the immature and irrational melt downs who are being doled out Play-Dough, safe rooms, coloring books and crayons by their Indoctrinating Left-Wing College Professors.


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