Sir Winston ChurchillSir Winston Churchill, (1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1940-1945, 1951-1955)

Sir Winston Churchill Quote

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.”

Sir Winston ChurchillSir Winston Churchill
~ Sir Winston Churchill

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J Carlton, Calgary

My respect for Churchill just soared to new heights. How very well spoken.

Mike, Norwalk

WOW ! ! ! We hold this truth to be self evident and proved throughout history over, and over, and over again.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, CANADA

But now that Capitalism has failed where will you hide in these winds that blow now? The law has been flattened, corporations rule the masses as feudal oligarchs once did. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on those that cast this evil upon us: Ronald Regan, George W. Bush and the willing dupe Dub-ya. And shame on all of you who participated. Now we truly see the agenda that the Republican (arch-conservatives) were hiding from us for all these years! Reap now the bitter spoils; the ruined cities; the shattered communities and the broken homes. Fall down on your knees and repent; ye blocks, ye stones, ye nothing better than senseless things.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, CANADA

J. Carlton in Calgary: You are a despicable cur. You and your kind are the reason that I have become an Edmontonian. Your comment is at the least un-Canadian and at the most an affront to humanity. You should be revoked of your Citizenship; set to sea and let God deal with you. You and your kind are the reason we need another Winnipeg General Strike. Look it up and check it out. God help you in your life. I can only imagine it's a personality train-wreak.

Mike, Norwalk

L Hanson, pretty funny, not haha, but pretty funny all the same. You must be a liberal / socialist / progressive comedian - your presentation is based on lies, a philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy, and name calling without any substantive information or knowledge to discuss the issue(s) intelligently. Its obvious you don't know what 'Capitalism' is. There has been so little Capitalism allowed in the Amerikas for so long that if it did fail, no one would recognize its passing. Nations such as China, India, Brazil have all implemented just enough fiscal Capitalism to raise their statist, or otherwise socialist economies out of socialist failure while, keeping control with just enough philosophy of failure, creed of ignorance, and gospel of envy as to not let the power get away from the one world puppeteers. The corporatism you alluded to was Mussolini and Hitler's favorite applied form of socialism. The term Nazi was an acronym, or at least derived from the first two syllables of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers' Party) When you come to understand that corporations are entities of the State (the State maintaining equitable ownership and rule setting, while alloying a myriad of others to function in day to day operations), you will begin to understand how that corporate usage is the most effective manner of establishing totalitarian socialism. Also, when you recognize why the State allows corporations to vote, or at least financially support candidates; allow Government Motors (GM - Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench, the assassin representing the owner in an unfair more ways than one scenario) to compete for government contracts, then you begin to understand the heinous nature of the socialist beast.

J Carlton, Calgary

L Hanson, call me names if you like, that is all that socialists have going for them. And for you to say that capitalism has failed puts you squarely in the corner of the ignorant. We have never had capitalism. What we have had is corporatism or economic fascism if you prefer. And for you to disrespect one of history's greatest figures on a concept so simple even children can understand it absolutely demonstrates your inability to grasp basic justice, ethics, morals or logic. Have a nice day.

jim k, Austin,Tx

With diatribes like the bilge from L Hansen, we get a glimpse of the warmth of liberals, socialists, and communists.

jim k, Austin,Tx

L Hansen, please continue to comment on this site. It's good to get the Communist point of view.

J Carlton, Calgary

jim k...Hanson is indicitave of the same % of canadians as americans who are government trained sycophants. She does not speak for "Canada" but for communism, Sadly they walk among us.

Jamie, Nelson

That socialism is frequently associated with communism and stalinism. Where all three creeds are so different. Stalinism was a dictatorial, fascist state. Communism takes the view that the assets of the people, should be governed by the people collectively. Socialism is a point of view that espouses a government with a social conscience, with it's action. i.e. public holidays, healthcare, pensions and benefits to society. Rather than for the elites like W. Churchill, who wish to remain the lord and master with the type of heavy-handed actions like enclosure, the patriot's act, divine right, etc. No socialism has not failed nor is it the gospel of envy, or the creed of ignorance. It's main failure is human nature. Which is naturally suspicious of neighbour, friends and strangers. That if you told the human race by giving up one apple would mean a lifetimes supply? Most would think that this is yet another tax rip-off? Which experience shows ......... is usually what it is. By politicians who claim their actions are for the public good, when the reality is. That alll they can see is how they personally benefit. Rather than society.

cal, lewisville, tx

Jamie, Churchill died without a home or penny to his name. He was never rich, but knew the right way of government which he dedicated his life to. For this only may you call him an elite.

Elaine, Atlanta

I have always liked Winston Churchill and hated Obama's rudeness to return his bust to Britain. Now that I read this quote I know why.

Mike, Norwalk

Jamie, because you gave some detail about socialism, you demonstrate a greater degree of error than L Hanson. Socialism is frequently associated with communism, Stalinism, Marxism, Leninism, corporatism, and fascism because those are accurate depictions. Socialism is an ownership and operations system by a statist social (collective, mob, etc.) ethos (a figment of group think). Stalinism, communism, fascism, etc. each being different administrations of socialism, all being dictatorial, immoral, and contrary the The Laws of Nature and Nature's God (including fiscal law), individual inalienable rights, justice, and truth. In socialism, no individual ownership (allodial) is allowed, only titles are given for management of operations. A social conscience only exists in a philosophical creed of ignorance (the Borg is a lie - one apple won't feed a nation for life, it is another tax rip off); the actions of public healthcare, pensions, and benefits by definition are religion's cannons or a gospel of envy. Philosophically, socialism is morally bankrupt and it is fiscally failing all over the world. Socialism only exists by way of its dictatorial power over the ignorant and otherwise carnal religionists.

E Archer, NYC

Wow, the socialists are openly out today! Their own words prove Churchill's quote above. Not sure how J Carlton's brief comment would condemn him as a Canadian and a human being... LOL! Maybe just because Carlton lives in Calgary and Hanson lives in Edmonton -- is Edmonton a socialist haven or something? BTW, it is socialism that is the haven of 'the elite' whereas republicanism is the distribution of power among the people, counties, states, and federal government -- the individual is sovereign with equal rights to the rest of the sovereigns -- no elites there. The socialist "creed of ignorance and gospel of envy" -- you got that right!

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Anonymous    8/19/10

As America has socialism for the rich Churchill has a point and he should know he lost a fortune here.

J Carlton, Calgary

Archer...Calgary is one of the few bastions of (semi) free enterprise left in N. America. Socialists are viscous little things and they really hate that others do well when compared to their "envious" existence. LOL

Waffler, Smith

and I thought Socialism was when the captains of industrty meet at the Country Culb and decide how they can better take advantage of society, hire illegal aliens, export jobs to communist countries like China, appoint each other to their respective Boards of Directors etcetea. They are alwayy talking about Golf Socials, Ice Cream socials etcetera

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you're such an idiot, you thought wrong again; you're going to make me laugh for a week solid at that progressive fairytale (talking about changing the meaning of words, lol, Waffler's written a prime example).

J Carlton, Calgary

Waffler...that's Corporatism your describing there. That thing where Politicians and Corporations get together to divvy up the pie. It's just as evil as socialism and also a system of parasites.

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    Anonymous    8/21/10

    Well, if Vermont is called a socialist state I'm all for it.

    Manuel, Seville , Spain

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” It has missed the most important part of the sentence: "[...] its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” everything that is touch by the socialist hand perishes of famine and corruption.

    Rod, Michigan

    In addition Socialism inherent virture is the equal sharing of misery...this quote was left off the end of the original statement

    Rod, Michigan

    There needs to be a Liberal Socialist holocaust soon or we are all going to face a miserable death. Liberalism and socialism are the same things. DEATH! act now and save the world from final annihilation! Make no mistake about it OBAMA is the antichrist that adopts the philosohy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy....Look around and see for yourself. He has contaminated the world with socialism....Bye Bye

    jack, san francisco

    I favor balance as did James Madison and Jefferson who both feared that too much imbalance of economic power leads to totalitarianism of the rich (corporatism or fascism) and too much political power in the hands of the poor leads to wringing the rich dry, stopping the economy, and eventually to revolution as in France in 1789. I believe we are currently at the height of the former form of imabalance, and will soon see the latter. That's, of course,if the 800 gorilla in the room, global climate change, which neither side wants to (the right), or has the political clout to (the left) deal with, and we all fry in a repeat of the Permian extinction (see Methane Clathrate)

    Natasi, Moscow

    Winston Churchill's quotes are always exact and bright examples of his geniousity. Just fond of short stories about him like that

    Mick, Manchester

    Churchill's Conservatives were heavily defeated in first post war election which voted in the Labour Socialist government of Atlee with a massive majority and mandate to implement sweeping social change to create a 'land fit for hero's and put into place Nationalised redistributive mechanisms of wealth that successive Conservative governments have undermined ever since. The only real remnant of this is the National Health service and welfare state which in England and Wales is under constant ideological and budgetary attack. Churchill's legacy is as war time leader of a coalition govt. His rant against socialism is based on his political losses and inadequacies.

    robert, Somewhere in the US

    I'm sorry, but Churchill contradicts his own writings and therefore this quote deserves zero. Furthermore, Socialism, in it purest form, is what life is all about. It's called helping each, it's called compassion, and so on! Both Liberalism and Socialism have been brutally attacked by those with little knowledge of their true definition - their meaning has been bastardized by those favoring capitalism and Libertarianism. We are after all social creatures... In 1911 the Unions were massacred by the capitalists and they have never recovered... but, that's a discussion for another day...
    By the way, it's remiss of me not to wish you all a very happy new year..... We have a bumpy road ahead....

    Ronw13, Oregon

    Socialism exist within its lack of understanding of human nature. glade the socialist pointed that out. sad ! ignorance abounds with those who would appose natural laws of governing. " Legalized plunder" is greatly apposed in a Free Republic of sovereign individuals. The light of Liberty in a dark world. The UK's light is shining as with other Brave Nations who love and " Know " what liberty is. Same Group same power of Common sense in a sea of confusion. Churchill calls it like he sees it !! On Point !!

    Mick, Manchester

    Does human nature mean humanity or Darwin's survival of the fittest? A socialist perspective fully understands human nature in that it accepts inequality and its maintenance thorough privilege and seeks to address human greed, exploitation and unfairness through implementing humane and progressive policies of redistribution to lift people out of poverty and misery. Dominant political ideologies have supported capitalism and have now resulted in the richest 8 individuals in the world possessing as much wealth at half of the rest of us. Society is rife with division, hatred and fear. I feel that people generally are not envious as long as they have enough to live - freely and independently in safety and security, which is the purpose of socialism.


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