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Bob, CincinnatiBob, Cincinnati
Bob, Cincinnati

WAY PAST......Its apparent you didn't really read my post, I clearly stated " unlike in some cities where the 2nd amendment means nothing ......I guess I'm lucky . " Please read that part again . It would seem your passion on the issue allowed you to overlook that point . The officers I work with and some of the others of different departments have clearly said they WOULD NOT go after people over guns . Many of the same issues are discussed between myself and others including The Chief . We agree on the second amendment ,and everyone knows where I stand . If it were different , I wouldn't work with them . I took an oath joining the Army to uphold the Constitution . The Special Forces Crest reads " De Oppresso Liber " ( the oppressed free ) . I take this to heart . I understand your position , but maybe you should get to know which cops are the ones that would come after you , and the ones you can trust ....Its easier than it seems . Word of advise on the Come to your house rant .....The statement can be construed as a direct threat due to the word YOUR being capitalized . I'm sure this was meant more as a general statement . At least I hope so ....Correct me if I'm wrong . Freedom is not free and we are all in a battle to keep our freedom . Si vis pacem para bellum

Bob, Cincinnati

If I have the right to defend myself , and my family ( God almighty allows self defense ) That means possibly using deadly force if needed . I dont think it wise to take away anything from me to secure my family . As for the degrading comments towards cops ...I work with them as a civilian volunteer on a HRWS team ( SWAT ) . They dont worry about good people with guns .....Common sense seams to rule them , unlike in some cities where the second amendment means nothing .....I guess I'm lucky !

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