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Just Another Julie, Portland Oregon

When I first read these quotes, my initial reaction was "Who is this guy and why has anything he said been quoted?" So, like any good apple polisher, I look him up.. Get this... Jarrid, you might have thought he's stupid (and I might be inclined to agree...) But, being the Assistant Prohibition Commissioner in the Bureau of Prohibition, before being appointed as the first Commissioner of the Treasury Department's Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) on August 12, 1930 means he was a POWERFUL "dumb fuck"... He held office an unprecedented 32 years in his role (rivaled only by J. Edgar Hoover), holding office until 1962. He then held office two years as US Representative to the United Nations Narcotics Commission. The responsibilities once held by Harry J. Anslinger are now largely under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy. Anslinger died at the age of 83 of heart failure in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. Today he is most remembered for his campaign against marijuana.... WOW. Finally a name to one of the many faces of the bigots who outlawed Weed. And, judging by his Quotes, the theory of certain drugs being illegalized due to racial stereo-typing... Might not be so far fetched... Scary, the power of government, especially in the hands of people like this.

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