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dave, St. Augustine, FLdave, St. Augustine, FL
dave, St. Augustine, FL

Too true, but his arena is too limited. I have found the same to be true in other areas as well. Whenever you challenge the status quo you're labeled, at least benevolently, a crusader. And regardless of the arena, you seldom win. I would like to believe that the overall result is the better for such individuals, but I'm not sure I've seen such results. But we must still try!

dave, St. Augustine, FL

I wish it were not true but, in spite of other comments, history has proven it so. As government involvement increases in an area, volunteerism decreases. It has happened over and over. State control over any aspect of life has shown itself to be counter-productive. This is not a matter of opinion, many studies have shown it to be true.

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