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navalair59, Pensacolanavalair59, Pensacola
navalair59, Pensacola

It sounds like Stalin,Hitler, Eric Holder.Bill Clinton and Obama have read the same book. The second amendment was not written to allow us the priviledge to hunt. It was written so that an armed citizenry could ward off a tyrannical, over bearing,dictitorial, UnConstitutional government. You know, like the one ours is beginning to look like.

navalair59, Pensacola

Whether he said it or not I cannot absolutely confirm, BUT he was responsible for the death of somewhere around 20 million of his own people and there were idiots in this country pre WWII that thought he was a great guy and I do believe some of his Communist believers are now in the school system and our government. No I'm not Joe McCarthey,but I am an American that reads history, served my country and am not a blind left wing liberal .

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