Vin Suprynowicz Quote

“Nut cases only succeed in multiple killings when they can be confident their prospective victims are disarmed.”

~ Vin Suprynowicz

Fact or Phobia on Guns: The Choice is Ours, The Libertarian Enterprise, August 31, 1999.

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jim k, Austin, Tx

This just about says it all.

J Carlton, Calgary

And that's the end result of "gun free zones".

Mike, Norwalk

such as are evident in more and more false flag events.

Ben Arnold, Indianapolis

How do we know Hillary is thrilled when people are killed? On Feb.8, 1999, the Associated Press headline: "Hillary Clinton lauds those trying to curb population."

E Archer, NYC

Has powerlessness and dependence become the new American societal standard? Whatever happened to the free and independent spirit of Americans? How will Americans know responsibility without any power for which to be accountable? With power comes responsibility -- if we surrender our responsibilities, we surrender our power.

Meanwhile, rogue governments that have rendered their civilians powerless against despotism wage war upon those yet to be conquered -- they steal the power from us then use it to take more from whomever cannot defend themselves against it.


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