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P.S. Petronius lived ca. 27AD – 66 (if wiki is right, which it is, more or less).

Please get rid of that 210 BC DATE!


Andrew, London

I can confirm that the quote is absolutely NOT in the Satyricon in any way, shape or form.

And as to Gaius Petronius Pontius Nigrinus, he existed, but he didn't leave any quotes behind, either directly or (via quotes by others) indirectly.

Andrew, London

I remember trying to find the source for this more than 15 years ago. Everyone is now confident it is Ogburn, but that doesn't explain why it was ever attributed to Petronius. However, I remember seeing that there was a New York satirical journalist in the 1950s whose pen-name was Petronius Arbiter and that he was a likely source or that part of the urban myth, but all record of him seems to have disappeared from the web.

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