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Holy shit that is the single dumbest thing I think I've ever read. It is literally making my head spin with the copious amounts of bassackward rhetoric I really do not know where to begin. So I guess if you simply replaced 'Leftist' with "Alt-Right' and 'Evangelicals' it would save me some time, though I doubt that would satisfy the Fox News Fan Club that riddled this "quote?" discussion with Hannity/Tucker Carlson/Trumpican misinformation rhetoric. sigh. - Heres to hope I'm not wasting my time taking this board to school. 

The Leftists Hate Group:
The Progressive Left engage primarily in peaceful protests, I cautiously state it that way because I know the first thing popping in your heads is the conservative media playback loops of isolated incidents by the very small group 'Antifa' which even as the "militant" progressive group doesn't even hold a candle to the very large portion of conservative protestors whom which feel an unnecessary compulsion to get decked out in their military gear for a protest. The aggressive hateful zeal which compels them to strap up like their Call of Duty avatar is utterly absurd. A couple of Antifa protestors might arm themselves with pepper spray or the more radical with bear mace, to the contrast of their conservative counterparts who arm themselves in full military kevlar gear, brandishing 9mm handguns and AR-15's. Even the ones who aren't strapped like their going to Afghanistan are prepared with shields, batons, & knuckle dusters duct taped to their hands. I mean come on now, Huntington Beach, the Berkley March & Charlottesville. For an in-depth look check out ProPublica's Investigative report, PBS Frontline - Documenting Hate https://youtu.be/4ATHN9sAu28

I like to consider myself well informed with credible information. You know, with information backed up with evidence and proof supporting the claims and narratives. I understand that means squat to the most fervent Trumpicans and conservatives because at this point the need to believe you're right is a matter of keeping your ego and identity protected. To admit you've been manipulated this entire time would throw in to question your ability to observe reality and without professional help, it could actually be extremely damaging to your mental and even your physical health in extreme cases. I too fell victim to a religious cult. I was so convinced that the rapture was going to happen in 2012 I carelessly wasted years of my life. Now ironically with the new climate data supporting the most extreme computer model predictions from 15 years ago, we are now literally, actually entering the 6th great extinction. At the rate, our oceans are warming the permafrost and the methane trapped within is going to start accelerating the process to the point that by 2030 shits going to start getting real. (Something else I could properly educate you on I'm sure, but I'm getting off topic)

The Murderous Leftist:
I'm pretty well informed with actual accurate stories and I don't recall reading any reports of 'Murderous Leftists' What I have seen though is a sharp increase in hate crimes, between Russian-bots pitting us against each other and the conservative right moving further right with hateful rhetoric being spewed on conservative media, the difference is that hateful rhetoric is no longer exclusive to back-channel radio or youtube, now it's getting national stoking. Hannity and his Alex Jones conspiracy theories, Tucker Carlson and his David Duke White Supremecy speech and worse yet, Our fucking president is talking White Supremeist speech, refusing to or half-heartedly condemning hate crime atrocities only to have a MAGA Rally and revert back to what he truly is.

Truth is the Russians are playing people for fools and Trump is their useful idiot. Giving oxygen to the fire then throwing wood on it. They turn on Fox and are mislead with unsubstantial claims by "Opinion Hosts" masquerading as News Anchors, they go on the internet to visit their favorite FB & YouTube pages and because your techno-liberals at FB, YouTube, and GOOGLE are more worried about the $$ then curtailing misinformation and hate speech.

Which leads to a Trumpican mailing bombs to a who's who list of Trump enemies, another Trump loon who killed 11 people in a synagogue while praying, another nut in KY shooting 2 African Americans at a grocery store ONLY AFTER he couldn't get into the Baptist church. And that all happened in the span of a week.

Russian Fake News - Operation Infektion https://youtu.be/tR_6dibpDfo


and FINALLY the techno-liberals:
They only just now started to pretend like they give a shit by removing Russian Bots and the most extreme morons selling snake oil. Genocides in India over FB Fake News where tens of thousands were killed over a FAKE story. Hundreds were beaten and a man hung in the Phillipeans over a FAKE NEWS story shared thousands of times on FB. Jesus, I can go on and on. Here, watch something educational for once.

PBS Frontline - Facebook Dilemma PT.1 https://youtu.be/T48KFiHwexM
PBS Frontline - Facebook Dilemma PT.2 https://youtu.be/EuA4qxPbpQE

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