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DdC, Santa Cruz

Sanity joins the discussion, thank you.

The Drug War, especially its best seller Ganja and Hemp, has been sold to the public the same as dish soap.. Prohibition is for Profit better brand, using Racism and Fear Mongering to perpetuate it.

Unfortunately until recently and still not unanimously. The NAACP and Black Caucus sided with Harry J Anslinger. Blaming drugs for the hazards and harms actually caused by prohibition. Same as with the 18th Amendment bringing Capone.

Legal Dispensaries have better Quality Assurance, variety and applications than prohibitions streets and cartels. The lopsided sentencing and government stalling, diverting and insinuations picked up as major headlines. Fascism before it was popular to use the term again.

Growers getting Mandatory Minimums in maxcap profit prisons for treating PTSD from combat duty. This is not sane or America. But not much resistance as long as it wasn't in their back yard or family. Now it is coming to the middle class homes and the poor generate more tax and capital in a cage than flipping burgers.

Cannabis Food, Fuel, Fiber & FARMaceuticals are a threat to profits and hobgoblins, demons and ludicrous gossip to keep it outlawed from the so called free market competition or homegrown like any vegetable, untaxed.  Time to end it and stop the greedy hypocritical politicians over taxing, regulating and packaging it back to prohibition. Anslinger Randolph Hearst and the American Nazi's created Prohibition for the same reasons as Jim Crow, Segregation and Making America Hate Again.

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