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Gene, Banker's Plantation, USAGene, Banker's Plantation, USA
Gene, Banker's Plantation, USA

Mr. Friedman is just a good bankster misinformation agent that speaks of fantasy land rather than reality. The last time there was free enterprise in this country was in 1789 just before the constitution was ratified. Since then, it has been of, for, and by the banksters. We have been prosperous only because the banksters gave us enough crumbs from their table to keep from having another revolution and disturbing their control. Going back to the constitution will not fix anything since that is what the current mess started with. Since we have been voting for 222-years, obviously, voting is not a solution, just a false hope. Until we change owners, nothing will change. Nationalizing all banks would change the owners but the banksters knew the government they established in 1789 would never do such a thing. Few will agree with this assessment because indoctrination is a very effective tool for keeping "free" slaves on the plantation.

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