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J B Wulff, Bristol, CTJ B Wulff, Bristol, CT
J B WULFF, Bristol, CT

First off, I have to ration the five star rating! This one deserves it. Far too many previous items have not. The question begs; "Why don't we have a Libertarian Party?" As a Republican, mine is nothing to rave about. The 'Dems' are on their own. If we had a viable Libertarian Party, I would rush to their door. All I get from my Republicans is opinion polls with donation appeals on a daily basis. When they pay the postage, I send them my thoughts, but not my money. I suspect they are all in it for the money at the moment.

J B Wulff, Bristol, CT

Been there, done that! Sometimes, I expect, folks lie to get elected. No one comes to mind except every politician I'm aware of. There is another view that one discovers as well. Things are not always as they seem. There ARE reasons for a lot of things being the way they are. There are good people that you can work with whether your party is the same or not. You can be fooled and The Who had that right. The change from doctrinaire to realist has to be experienced to be understood. There was a time in my life, a tender age to say the least, when I firmly believed that only German Lutheran Republicans had a chance of going to heaven. I've come to understand that may not be completely accurate. Others will be considered. I do hope you can laugh with me on that one! It is the crux of the quote.

J B Wulff, Bristol, CT

Press is/has morphed into Media and the Media is the massage - with apologies. Our technology is facilitating the destruction of the press as Justice Black saw it. What scares me most is the old method of Napoleon wed to current technology. He quickly submitted his aims to public votes. The people agreed and hailed the new power they held. Then he stopped asking and the rest is history. When will we have our first election via the NET? Sleep well or not at all as you wish

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