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I lean towards Waffler over Mike btw.

My interpretation of this part "therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." means we have the right to have universal healthcare for free, we have the right to an abortion because outlawing it will not eradicate it but make it be used only by the wealthiest who can have their private docs do them for their woman-folk. And also it means that the ridiculous love-fest with weapons is over in the US and we will not have any more 9 year olds shooting Uzi's for awhile, hopefully with laws changing. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/family-charles-vacca-gun-instructor-killed-girl-uzi-sues-arizona-range/
The NRA will no longer ban the truth of guns statistics because it works for the gun manufacturers and not for the gun owners as it has said forever. We need the truth and and the cold hard statistics. All these issues I bring up affect the "protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness " of people and we are damn tired of government not doing its job and yet charging us taxes. The Libertarian way of Natural rights does not work. The reason it does not work is it open the door to being fooled by folk who says they are for the rights of the people but are not. They want to make money and the Libertarians are gullible enuf to fall for the political bull and getting to say "ha ha I am neither party" smugly while all goes to hell around us. Read "The Myth of Natural Rights" by Rollins. https://www.amazon.com/Myth-Natural-Rights-L-Rollins/dp/1559500077

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