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Robert Dominguez, Chula VistaRobert Dominguez, Chula Vista
Robert Dominguez, Chula Vista

Mike Adams has told it like it is. Is one truly a liberal or a proponent of freedom when he/she is filled with hatred toward anyone who disagrees with him/her?

Robert Dominguez, Chula Vista

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Jesus said those words. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION. It is about truth. It is not about controlling people. It is about self-control and respect. It is about being guided by moral parameters. It is about believing that our creator knows what is best regarding the way we should live. Do men really think that their Godless opinions are superior to the Word of God?

Robert Dominguez, Chula Vista

I think Alexis de Tocqueville made an incomplete statement. He was a Catholic scholar. He was impressed by the Protestant Churches of this country. Being a Catholic, he knew very little scripture. He was unaware that "faith comes from hearing the Word." Nor morality without faith"? Faith in what? Statues and other images? No way. Faith can only be taught through knowledge of the Word. There is no other way. His quote is incomplete. It is silver tongued oratory only. He gets no stars.

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