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Waffler, Smth, ArkansasWaffler, Smth, Arkansas
Waffler, Smth, Arkansas

Fantastic! but the heart can be fickle and wishy washy. The Union is no longer bound together indissoubly by the heart but by a steady hand called law. The times in which J.Q. Adams wrote this should be considered. Here he makes interesting reference to how the Constitution improved the relationlship started by the Articles and appears to long for a new relationship to mend the regional stresses caused by the differences over slavery. Lincoln and the South were both right in that the difference could only be solved by war. The first phrase in Adams quote beges the question was (and is) the union indissouble or isn't it. Indissiouble is indissiouble fini "shut up" get over it there is nothing more to talk about. Now go live together in peace and harmony.

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