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What a crock! A minister's job is to shepherd his flock and if that includes discussing politics from the pulpit then so be it. If the people want to vote based on religion that is their right. The separation of church and state has nothing to do with what this buffoon says. The only thing the constitution calls for is that the state doesn't not create a state religion such as the Church of England. Liberals, atheists and money grubbing preachers have perverted the statement to mean that there shall be no mention of God by any government institution and the IRS will not tax churches.

Anonymous, Dallas

I think this quote is greatness, he is fed up with terrorist's and had enough!! Unlike our new president who will butt screw America!! All of ya'll kiss my ass.

anonymous, dallas

Anslinger may have died 34 years ago, but today's DEA's has not strayed far from his propaganda and his attitudes

Anonymous, Dallas

I think everyone needs to read Dewey and not form lazy judgments about his educational philosophy until they do. The books are nuanced, require some previous knowledge--and they will take you a while. Grab some tea (or Starbucks, depending upon your capitalistic sensibilities). Progressive education hasn't worked, 'tis true. That's because it has never been tried. The factory model is in full force--and entrenched by NCLB. This deeply embedded misunderstanding (revealed by the emotion on this board) does not make me angry; it makes me sad. Perhaps the consolidated media should indeed take the blame--for the gross misinformation and lack of understanding here. Shame.

anonymous, Dallas

Lookit, rope-a-dopes, has it ever occurred to you all that we have followed his prescription *to the letter*? He's talking about *Congressional* -- that is to say, *Federal* -- spending power. The roads, schools, religious issues, even business subsidies (usually in the form of reduced or tax-free business zones) have all been left up to the states and local governments. The exception is, of course, the road issue -- namely, the fact that the federal government builds interstates -- but the interstates were a *defense* project. Eisenhower had them built so that we could move troops and equipment quickly using automobiles just like the Germans did on the Autobahn. Now I think it's adorable that you and that lilliputian doctor from Galveston all blather on about "liberty" as though you know what it means, and I hope you all have yourselves a good time. But when it comes to politics, it's big-boy time, and I expect you all to stay quiet and go back to playing Xbox in your rooms.

Anonymous, dallas

This guy died 34 years ago you tard.

Anonymous, Dallas

The object of faith may be at least as important as faith itself. If De Toqueville was referring to the Christian faith as the foundation of individual and national virtue, the Amen! Even faith in a transcendant god, such as Allah creates chaos in his name as Islam battles against all not itself and within itself against all who are not orthodox!

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