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For those giving five stars, please take a few minutes to digest Einstein's new way of thinking: http://monthlyreview.org/598einstein.php J Carlton, Jim, and Mike: you may find his ideas about individualism, private property, and a planned enconomy to be quite tangential to your own. Waffler, don't worry about reading the above-referenced article if you are feeling too much tension, it is, I believe consistent with your viewpoint insofar as you hvae presented it on this forum. Judith, above all others I hope you read it, as it may push you to one side of t he fence or the other.


me and my bro smoke weed together all the time....all that happens is stuff gets hella funny and we eat lots of food. neither one has tried to kill the other!! X-D


Not if we smash ourselves first, Mr. Manuilsky.

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