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Perhaps it would just be an expedient manner to eliminate half of the population in 1 fell swoop?


Oh come on now people. America is NOT the only country exist in the world. And not the only country has this kinda problems. It's a universal problem, it's the biggest problem of our era. Im saying this cause some people here talking like they are the only one. Get over yourself. Because you know what? At the end of the day, we all ruled by the same certain people no matter where you live .


It seems as our nation becomes less and less law abiding and tuned out the US Constitution her citizens and those elected to support the citizenry have all buried their heads in the ground. The part remaining is good for little more than a place to park a bike. Hopefully, they will pull their heads, stand up for what the country is about, and turn us back into a responsible, generous, republic. Time is wasting away while they have those heads buried....

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