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Anonymous, Colorado Springs

I like his words but they don't match his actions. Sorry...did a hypocrit just pass by?

Anonymous, colorado springs

LOVE this quote and the idea behind it.

Anonymous, Colorado Springs

The quote is from a historical novel by Taylor Caldwell, A Pillar of Iron (1965, p. 483). It couldn't be Cicero because Rome had no budget or public debt. The issues are presented from an entirely modern (Goldwater-era Conservative) point of view and in that era's vocabulary. The Roman Republic was undermined, but not by national debt and the lack of frugality of its poor: try military dictatorship and imperialism instead.

Anonymous, Colorado Springs

Considering that since the banks can and do create the money we have in our economy, it is logical to assume that the banks own everything. Considering this, one concludes that, among other things, the banks own the media. Therefore, the mainstream media will publish lies and deceit on behalf of the banking industry. I see an uphill battle here, but one woth fighting.

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