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There's a handful of you who got it right. Those of you who jump on Weiner's crazy train are welcome to it. Yes, his real name is Michael Weiner ("Savage" is a moniker)...maybe we can call him Savage Weiner? Anyway, the right/left thing is an illusion. Break the two party system and register independent. Make them work for your vote. They know that 99% of the time, if you got a "D" or and "R" behind your name, that's the way you'll vote. Any Right Wing Zealot who things the "Patriot" Act, which usurps our Constitutional rights was a good thing to "get the bad guys" should listen to Ben Franklin, "Those that would trade their liberty for some temporary measure of freedom deserve neither." For those Left Wing Lunatics, you can't help people who are not willing to help themselves. For those that are unable, I'm all for helping them but cut out the tax benefit for it (ie. the subsidization of it) and let's just see how much your heart bleeds. A few guys, like John from Bellville, got it right. It is the monetary system, corrupt by it's very nature, that is the problem. Until we realize that we are all on this dirtball together and that despite differences in skin color or culture we need to come together. I'm not saying all cultures are equal not by a long shot. Any culture that is essentially a dictatorship or a theocracy is simply bad news. What I am saying is the only way to spread freedom is not by the business end of a gun or missle with technology, and the application of the scientific method to decision making as opposed to emotion-based nonsense. Yes, we'll make mistakes. No, no system is perfect but it is objective as our subjectivity will allow to use the scientific method to deal w/a finite set of resources and to maximize their use. That's the best way to meet Conservative and Progressive goals.

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