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Bill, PA

What makes individuals such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Lincoln so truly respected was not just their words but the content of their character that is necessary to give what they said true impact and meaning. This manipulative, elitist, and progressive president currently put in power to finish off the transformation of our Republic is an empty suit when it comes to character. He is an ideologue who is neither intellectually honest nor grounded when it comes to understanding the individual, god-given rights of every human being. These progressives, Marxists, or radical Socialists put themselves in the position of being our saviors on Earth simply because they think any problem can be micro-managed by their 'superior intellect'. They are pathetically miserable, unhappy souls who are incapable of anything other than promoting the coersive power of government to compel productive people to submit to their control. They should be pitied. But first, let us rise up and throw them out of seats of power, and reinstate the Constitution, referred to by Frederick Douglas, as a 'glorious liberty document'.

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