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Carter, Madison,WICarter, Madison,WI
Carter, Madison,WI

Helms was an asshole. Why on earth would you include a quote from that most biggoted, ignorant, mean, hate filled, bought up man?!!!

Carter, Madison,WI

I suspect Rex, that you have never worked for minimum wage. In fact, I'd be surprised if you have worked up a sweat while employed. You are correct in simple terms, there is no "right" to min. wage or success in business. However, there are laws gov. min. wage and with good reason. Employers have proven over all of recorded history to pay as little as possilbe or even not pay at all--as in slavery. When it comes to business, of course there are no "rights" to success. Just as there are no guarantees of happiness in life or even in life it self. So Rex, try on the simple life--say working at a fast food restaurant. Or, perhaps start a delivery route--self employment. Let us know how that works for you.

Carter, Madison,WI

Menkin was a crank of the 1st order and typical of his age (time) he was certain he was right. While we all may at times think our gov. is out to "get us". Most of us aren't that important.

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