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Studying issues, becoming aware and sharing this information with family and friends are fine and dandy; I agree 100%. But the question, "Will you resist the temptation to get a government handout for your community?" is pure ideological BUNK. Ronald Reagan was FILTHY RICH, but he received MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN TAX WRITE-OFFS on "losses" for his HUGE "cattle ranch" in Santa Barbara, CA--EVEN WHILE THE VALUE OF THIS PROPERTY INCREASED BY MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Reagan didn't want the "COMMUNITY" to benefit because he didn't need the "community;" he had enough money from TAX LOOPHOLES to buy ANYTHING he wanted, so let the "community" be damned. Furthermore, THE PEOPLE ARE (supposed to be) THE GOVERNMENT. The government is SUPPOSED to serve THE PEOPLE. Since when is it that government serving THE PEOPLE'S NEEDS is a handout? That's the ONLY reason for government to exist--TO SERVE THE PEOPLE. But instead of serving the COMMON PEOPLE, the Republican leadership only wants to serve the powerful: the rich and the business corporations--AND THAT'S WHY I (and a lot of my fed-up Republican friends) AM SUPPORTING BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

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