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Cold Dead Hand, Dallas

'The rest of the story" to this quote is that private charitable contributions flooded in to help the farmers and amounted to ten times what the Legislature was asking. That's the way America is supposed to work. Give wealthy, productive people a chance and they give to help their neighbors voluntarilly. When their money is confiscated by currupt unConstitutional politicians, it takes a lot of the joy out of giving. What? Some wealthy folks wouldn't give away anything?! THAT IS THEIR RIGHT under the law of the land. It does not justify taxation robbery. A few exceptions prove the viability of the rule of voluntarism. But we'll never see this story repeated in our lifetimes, shall we? The branches of what is left of our government are spinning out of control every 'good idea' MUST be implemented whether their is money or its Constitutional or not. I've never seen a political party as out of control as the Democrats at this time. They don't even bother to PRETEND that there are checks and balances anymore. Just load all the pork and payback you can find, dump it into an incomprehesable 'bill', and pass it hours later without debate of even a chance to read what's in it. Power mad. Evil. UnConstitutional. The Founding Fathers tried to save us from the consequences of what is being done. We turned their successfull dream of liberty for all into just another Mediocre Socialist Country of slaves.

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