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Confused Dot, Erehwon

I was brought up to believe that when governments print money it leads to hyperinflation. I was also brought up to believe that when I borrow money from a bank, it's really some depositor's money. I was wrong on both counts. That banks create money out of thin air is a dirty little secret which is now OUT. However it is taking longer for people to realise that government created debt-free money is beneficial in all respects - as long as it is invested in productivity and not just squandered. Once these two truths are widely accepted, money reform will be inevitable. The banks won't like that. It therefore follows as night follows day that there will be a furious campaign to reinforce the phobia about "printing money". It has already started. But will it stop at heated staged debates on the TV? Watch it unfold with this in mind and remember, you read about it here first.

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