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DJ, Decatur

First thing comes to my mind, is the fact that our President picks and chooses what laws his people are supposed to enforce.
IE; The immigration laws that are already in place he does not want our ICE agents to enforce. Among other laws...

DJ, Decatur

Brian and Mann brings their side to make you believe that Communism (or whatever you want to call it that removes an individual's rights to freedom) is a better way, but they fail to state WHY it is better. Another thing, I fail to see that the richer part of the government officials, mostly DEMs including the President, are against big business. They seem to like the BIG business more than the 'Right wings'. Just follow their record!.

DJ, Decatur

Brian. What book do you suggest?

DJ, Decatur

Don't most ALL bureaucrats, politicians and social workers belong to one party or another? (Democrat, Republican or Independent) With that said, it seems to me that with Simon's comments, the political party he supports does not believe in an enlightened and rational free thinking republic of individuals.

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